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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Clearwire Clear 4G WiMAX service debuts in Las Veg->

wiryd writes: Clearwire announced in March that it would be rolling its Clear WiMAX service out to more major cities in 2009, one of the cities on the list was Las Vegas. Clearwire announced today that its Clear WiMAX service is now available in Las Vegas and serves about 1.7 million residents across 638 square miles. Clearwire's Jeremy Abler said, "While it's true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, now, thanks to CLEAR, that doesn't mean it has to stay in one place. CLEAR will bring to Las Vegas residents the super-fast mobile internet experience they're used to having at home or the office, anywhere around town or on the go. We're providing a valuable, new category of internet service designed to make people's lives more enjoyable and more productive, wherever they happen to be in our coverage area."
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Submission + - Intel boosts speed, cuts prices of SSDs->

wiryd writes: Intel said Tuesday it is moving to a more advanced 34-nanometer manufacturing process for its X series of solid-state drives (SSDs). To date, Intel has built drives on a 50-nanometer process. The new price for the 80GB version of the X25-M drive is $225 for quantities up to 1,000 units, a 60 percent reduction from the introduction price of $595 a year ago, Intel said. However, the actual price drop in the market will be lower, Troy Winslow, marketing manager for the NAND Products Group at Intel, said in a phone interview. In the marketplace it will be around a $100 drop on the 80GB drive and almost a $200 drop on the 160GB drive," he said. The X25-M comes in a standard 2.5-inch form factor, which is the size of most hard drives used in laptops.
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