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Submission + - Silk Road Lawyers Poke Holes in FBI's Story (

wiredog writes: From the article by Brian Krebs:

Many in the Internet community have officially called baloney [that's a technical term] on the government’s claims, and these latest apparently contradictory revelations from the government are likely to fuel speculation that the government is trying to explain away some not-so-by-the-book investigative methods.

Submission + - Consumer Reports Sells Out To Apple ( 2

wiredog writes: CR claims that supposedly "unbiased" tests show that " both iPhones seem tougher" than #bendgate would imply and that the 6+ "outperformed the HTC One". CR also claims that "the Note 3's screen splintered and it stopped working."

Submission + - Canon printer hacked to run Doom video game (

wiredog writes: From the Beeb, the news that security researcher Michael Jordon has hacked a Canon's Pixma printer to run Doom. He did so by reverse engineering the firmware encryption and uploading via the update interface.

But does it play Barney Doom? And can you get Linux running on the thing?

Submission + - Another, deeper, analysis of Stuxnet

wiredog writes: From the article at foreign Policy

The system might have keep Natanz's centrifuges spinning, but it also opened them up to a cyberattack that is so far-out, it leads one to wonder whether its creators might have been on drugs.

Submission + - 25th Anniversary of the Morris Worm

wiredog writes: Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Morris Worm, the first malware to spread widely on the internet. The Washington Psot has a wrtiteup of the worm, it effects, and after-effects.

Submission + - NSA is Collecting Lots of Spam. 1

wiredog writes: Lots of it. Overwhelming amounts, perhaps. From The Washington Post

when one Iranian e-mail address of interest got taken over by spammers. The Iranian account began sending out bogus messages to its entire address book. ... the spam that wasn't deleted by those recipients kept getting scooped up every time the NSA's gaze passed over them. And as some people had marked the Iranian account as a safe account, additional spam messages continued to stream in, and the NSA likely picked those up, too....Every day from Sept. 11, 2011 to Sept. 24, 2011, the NSA collected somewhere between 2 GB and 117 GB of data concerning this Iranian address.

Submission + - Why is the IRS targeting free software? (

wiredog writes: From the IRS "be on the lookout" list that listed "Tea Party", among others, as suspicious entities:

Open Source Software
These organizations are requesting either 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) exemption in order to collaboratively develop new software. The members of these organizations are usually the for-profit business or for-profit support technicians of the software.

The first version always gets thrown away.