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Comment: Re:Free market (Score 2) 166

by wiredlogic (#47732807) Attached to: When Customer Dissatisfaction Is a Tech Business Model

No. The execs have realized that they can get fatter paychecks if they eliminate "cost centers" that don't deliver any perceived value. Anyone not working in the executive suite is viewed as a liability to the company and needs to be eliminated to reduce the pesky overhead involved in having real employees.

Comment: Re:It works (Score 1) 324

by wiredlogic (#47689233) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Dead Is Antivirus, Exactly?

Are you so sure? Norton will quarantine files that aren't even infected or malware. I found this out when trying to install some hardware drivers that were flagged and deleted on my behalf because it provided a "bad experience" for other people.

What a sorry POS that software has to be that it justifies its existence by creating fake drama with intentional false positives.

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