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Comment Re:So, now is it finally legal to... (Score 1) 211

I keep telling my wife that this is why I want to install a really loud air horn in my car, think semi truck loud, but she says no.

Years ago, I had a '77 Civic wagon in which the previous owner had installed a truck horn with a big yellow button on the dash. Since he also had disconnected the regular horn, I'd have to use that when the driver in front of me wasn't paying attention at a stop light. I'd get some pretty interesting reactions.

I don't know why he would have installed such a loud horn on the car, but it was probably because the original equipment was barely a little squeak.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 153

Yes but winning - particularly in sporting events - is generally a result of conditioning, training, and practice. You can win once, but if you don't continue that level of commitment, or if someone else puts in even more work, you can still lose.

Heck even with the same level of commitment from all sometimes you just age out of competitiveness. Assuming equal levels of work, you won't be as physically capable at 30 as compared to 25. In some sports and activities extra experience gained can balance out the slight decline in physical capability, but there will eventually come a tipping point when it won't.

A lot of people simply can't let go of that feeling of being the "Best" at something, even after they no longer are.

Comment Re:Apps for that posts ago (Score 1) 45

The Nintendo product isn't just an app, it's hardware and software. Being that the hardware is different in fundamental ways, each approach has its pros and cons. Jack of all trades and related cliches. If you had caught this detail the first time you would have had the answer to your 'why bother' question days ago.

What annoys you so much about what I added to this conversation is that I drew attention to your reading comprehension failure. You're not saving face, you're making it worse. I did not create your problem.

Comment Re:First Name Basis? Rude. (Score 1) 493

Grammer ignorami. Proper nouns should NEVER be preceded by articles.

Oh, the definite article is very commonly used before proper nouns, most often place names or geographical features (e.g. "The Mississippi (River)").

Sometimes "the" is used purely customarily (particularly in names translated from other languages like "The Ukraine" or "The Maghreb" ), but its primary function is to distinguish between nouns referring to specific things a speaker is expected to be aware of, and generic things that are just being introduced into the discourse: "a ball [which I haven't mentioned up until now] broke Mr. Smith's window; Mr. Smith kept the ball [which I just mentioned]."

In particular proper nouns which sound like they might be generic will sometimes customarily get a "the" tacked on to indicate the audience is expected to picture the well-known thing rather than some unknown one ("The United States", "The Great Lakes", "The Big Easy"). "The Donald" is a definite article usage of this type, with an bit of ironic deprecation mixed in.

By the way the plural of "ignoramus" is "ignoramuses", not "ignorami". That is because "ignoramus" was never a noun in Latin; rather it is a conjugation of the verb ignorare (to be unacquainted with, to ignore). "Ignoramus" entered English as a legal term to mean "we take no notice of" (e.g. a witness whose testimony is irrelevant because he has no firsthand knowledge).

Comment Re:Seriously?? (Score 3) 137

Are you serious? It's 2016 and the rage is cloud computing with distributed virtual machines and containers all running programs. You better believe remoting and network transparency is in demand, and actually essential. Apps could be local in a docker container or on the cloud. All interfaced on a laptop or tablet together seamlessly. Really it's the old 1990s Sun vision actually materializing.

Comment Re:Seriously?? (Score 1) 137

RDP indeed is a very good protocol. It's very fast, much faster than X11 forwarding, and can forward files, printers, and sounds across the link. Typically it's faster than VNC too. At one time there was talk about making a wayland module that would use RDP as the underlying protocol to remote Wayland windows and applications across the network. This actually makes more sense to me than forwarding the wayland protocol itself. RDP can do per-app forwarding (like we're used to on Linux), or the full desktop.

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