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+ - Moving up ranks but to smaller environment?

Submitted by
wintermute000 writes "I am currently a mid-level network engineer working for a managed services team in a large corporate environment. The work is stimulating and varied, theres lots of project work, and I have a lot of flexibility given to me by the architect/tech lead. However I have become more and more disenchanted with the customer as a whole — we are an outsourced supplier so we're contractor pawns in their internal politics/branch office syndrome/general dilbert-esque behaviour.
A role has come up as a senior engineer (formal 2IC and design responsibilities) in a mid sized company ~1k users. I would love to go work in a smaller team (IT department around 15 people) and dispense with the corporate process and political nonsense I have had to wade through my entire professional career, and it lets me get into design and management in a formal way. However I do realise the environment will be a huge step down — guaranteed to be not 100% cisco, and none of the big iron enterprise setups I currently deal with (multiple multilayer switch cores, virtualised 6509s and nexus switches, dual homing BGP links, dark fibre for 1Gb WAN links @ layer 2 that sorta thing). Have any slashdotters who've done similar things give me some advice?"

+ - Hosting your own firefox syncing service?

Submitted by
wintermute000 writes "As a firefox user who wanders across multiple PCs on a daily basis, I would love to be able to sync all the metadata — bookmarks, histories, saved sessions, awesome bar records etc. between the various copies residing on various machines. However all the solutions I have seen involve 3rd party hosting e.g. from google, with attendant privacy and security issues. There are standalone plugins like foxmarks that you can point at your own FTP server, however none sync all your metadata such as your browsing history, autocomplete etc.

Is there a solution that will let me host my own syncing server? Ideally in linux and even more ideally cross platform (from the client POV)?"

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