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Comment: Quick summary (Score 1) 50

by DogDude (#48926107) Attached to: New Micro-Ring Resonator Creates Quantum Entanglement On a Silicon Chip
Quantum physics has proven (over a century) that photons can be entangled, meaning that two completely different photons, in different places, can instantly influence each other. Instant is a whole lot faster than electrons can move.

Also, re encryption. When photons are entangled, it can also be looked at as the same photon at two different places at one time, so there is no transfer of information at all because the data is being transmitted to and from the same photon.

Comment: Re:And where is my money?? (Score 1) 51

by cduffy (#48639445) Attached to: T-Mobile To Pay $90M For Unauthorized Charges On Customers' Bills

More like $20, and that's for people who don't look up how much they were actually charged.

And cash, not a voucher. I'm a former T-Mobile customer, and they looked up my new contact information and got in touch to let me know that this was available (how to ask them to research my actual charges, vs how to accept the default amount).

A lot of these settlements are BS, but you might do a bit of homework for claiming that this is just more of the same.

Comment: Re:Most Unbiased Slashdot Gamergate Article (Score 4, Insightful) 556

by DogDude (#48631821) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate
That's because none of that little shit matters. Nobody really cares about a bunch of guys who live in their parents' basements arguing about video games. People do care when a bunch of people threaten other people with bodily harm.

Get some perspective, moron.

Comment: Re:Why I got a Pebble (Score 2) 232

by DogDude (#48628683) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch?
Best part is when you're in a meeting and your phone buzzes, you can just check your wrist to see what it was which is far more discrete than pulling out your phone, unlocking it, and then finding the right app.

Or you can just get a Windows Phone which shows all of the message indicators on the lock screen.

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