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Cell Phone Cost Calculator Killed In Canada 214

Posted by Soulskill
from the careful-with-that-light-of-day dept. writes "Internet and law genius Michael Geist writes about some shenanigans by the cell phone carriers and the Canadian government in his column in The Star. Canadian taxpayers funded a 'Cell Phone Cost Calculator' so that the average person could theoretically wade through the disjointed and incongruent package offerings. The calculator wound up being yanked a couple weeks before launch. Geist suggests that the major cell carriers lobbied the appropriate public officials to have the program nixed because it would bite into their profit if the general public could make sense out of pricing and fees. Geist continues, 'Sensing that [Tony] Clement (Industry Minister) was facing pressure to block the calculator, Canadian consumer groups wrote to the minister, urging him to stick with it.' Moving forward, Michael makes a novel suggestion, one that would show an immense level of understanding by the government: 'With public dollars having funded the mothballed project, the government should now consider releasing the calculator's source code and enable other groups to pick up where the OCA (Office of Consumer Affairs) left off.'"
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+ - Linux installfests maturing?->

Submitted by
christian.einfeldt writes "Linux installfests apparently are expanding from an emphasis on serving individual users to mass network installs serving non-profits and schools. In the past, installfests have often been held as part of Linux User Group meetings, and involved individual new computer users bringing their computers to a small meeting to have Linux installed on their machines. But now there is an apparent trend visible in Linux installfests toward mass network installs supported by greater corporate or municipal involvement in Linux installfests. In many cases, the newly-installed Linux computers are being given to end user institutions such as schools. For example, a recent installfest in Austin, Texas, was put on by two non-profits and was supported by the personal participation of upper management at AMD and nFusion. The majority of the eighty-three machines were PXE-booted and mass-installed at that event over an ad hoc network. Likewise, at last year's LinuxWorld expo in San Francisco, 350 Linux computers were mass-installed over a similar PXE network in a mass installfest put on in a partnership between the non-profit Alameda County Computer Resource Center and the for-profit Untangle and IDG firms. The machines were donated to San Francisco Bay Area schools. Similar installfests have been held in Chile and India, to name just a few."
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+ - Full Circle Magazine - Issue 24 - The two year ann-> 1

Submitted by mrmonday1
mrmonday1 (1104681) writes "Full Circle Magazine — the independent magazine for the Ubuntu community — is proud to announce the release of its two year anniversary, issue 24. And to celebrate their second birthday, issue 24 boats a more colourful layout and more pages. The 43 page PDF has articles on cron, programming in C, installing and configuring MAME and a new series of articles on Inkscape. You could also win one of three copies of Ubuntu Unleashed!"
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Comment: Re:I'm so going to get flamed... (Score 1) 306

by windsurfer619 (#27687051) Attached to: Sun Announces New MySQL, Michael Widenius Forks

I think you're forgetting the part where Sun can then get back the code from the fork. And Sun still has just as much control of their own version, as they have just as many devs working on it.

I think what you really mean is this: If you are open sourcing your main product in hopes of sacrificing direct purchase revenue for free developer time, you run the risk of alienating your community and losing developer time if they decide you aren't doing a good job.

Comment: Re:Not Much Cross-Platform (Score 2, Insightful) 249

by windsurfer619 (#27686417) Attached to: F-Secure Suggests Ditching Adobe Reader For Free PDF Viewers

That definitely goes to show the value of providing functionality via general, well-conceived and well-implemented frameworks instead of being wrapped up inside of monolithic applications.

As someone that doesn't want or have the macintosh os, that value is 0..

Comment: Re:Already there (Score 2, Insightful) 249

by windsurfer619 (#27686165) Attached to: F-Secure Suggests Ditching Adobe Reader For Free PDF Viewers

Updates don't work for non-administrator accounts... The Firefox developers "fixed" this issue by not even notifying the user when updates are available.

As it should be. The system administrator should be responsible for updating software, especially if the user can't do it themselves.

Committees have become so important nowadays that subcommittees have to be appointed to do the work.