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Comment: Re:very simple reason... (Score 0) 420 420

by wilsonao (#13523338) Attached to: Refugee Radio Station Blocked by Red Tape
they don't want the rest of the nation to know that hundreds of THOUSANDS of people have died due to the direct negligence of this administration.

Where is your proof of that? Give me a reference that shows it could even be somewhat close to that number. You, sir, are talking out of your ass.

they knew full well as far back as 2002 that new orleans would be in big trouble due to flooding and hurricanes. that's why they were in the middle of building levees. then all of a sudden the funding was cut off to pay for the iraq war.

They knew long before 2002. You just chose that number so you could place this administration at fault. Besides, the levee that broke was not even one on a list for improvement.

remember kids, war is good for the economy and ignorance is strength.

No, actually it is horrible for an economy overall. Only a select few sectors benefit from war. Go learn something before you start spouting crap like that.

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