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Comment: Re:related news today re: Apple Car (Score 1) 73

I was considering the possibility that, as in many corporate acquisitions, there is expediency and value in simply buying a winning team over attempting to build one. Imagine the rapid scale Tesla could reach with an Apple-scale cashpile partner, and the (ahem, please forgive me for this) synergies ( I need a shower now) to be had with Tesla's battery operations.

Maybe Apple is gathering car talent be make themselves pretty for the engagement party. In other words, to have something to bring to the table over just dollars-by-the-dumpsterload. Just a thought.

Comment: related news today re: Apple Car (Score 1) 73

Apple made some public comment today referencing their own Apple Car ambitions, saying something about how, "cars are the ultimate mobile device"
(something like that, I'm paraquoting.)

Anyway, it's debatable that a platform you may spend a hour or two a day with being the "ultimate mobile device" (whereas my phone moves around with me 24/7/365.25)

Also, what is the likelihood that Apple can out-Tesla Mr. Musk? Isn't it more likely they want to acquire Mr. Musk and his Tesla enterprise, and all the PR around the prospects of an Apple Car are just opening that door?

Comment: Re:It's My rant (Score 1) 615

by willworkforbeer (#49708145) Attached to: The Economic Consequences of Self-Driving Trucks
I did not even think of avoiding anything. I simply disagree with the static modeling of economics. No adjustments, no adaptation, never-before-seen circumstances (I also disagree with that, the industrial revolution is a great analog worthy of your study).

It does seem like you want to avoid the obvious -- if things really are dire as you predict, the 1% would have no wealth, as there would be virtually no functioning economy and thus all their holdings would be worthless. What is a stock portfolio or any other asset worth if there is no economy? What do the 1% own that has any value in a dead economy?

I guess I just don't care what they do with their own money, what they do with their legal earnings, and I don't care what they do with their lives. I don't want anyone arbitrarily deciding you or I have "too much." If you want some of my earnings, produce something I want and you can earn it -- I will hand it to you in exchange. Create a smart business and I will invest in you and provide growth for you and your associates. Mutually beneficial, no force involved.

Imagine the positive world coming where the average -- no, every -- person has access to ultra-affordable necessities and a happy standard of living. That is possible with greater efficiency leaps through technical advances. That is a brighter future, my friend. It requires work, adaptation involves effort. But it is positive.

Automation will create more wealthy people, who cares? Freedom includes the potential to serve millions or billions and earn money from the ones your serve, voluntarily. Great. We can't let that deter us from the overall improvement of the world that's possible.

The difficult we do today; the impossible takes a little longer.