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Comment: New SciFi Energy Kickstarter (Score 1) 328

Image a world with a device that converts Star Trek nerd rage into electricity.

If the grid dims, just announce a new Star Trek / Star Wars crossover movie and watch our green future come true.

We'll stockpile some 'strategic nerdrage inducing' topics for peak demand periods...

Such as:
"Help me, Wesley Crusher, you're my only hope"
"Starfleet says we can't exceed Warp 3 on the Kessel Run"
"I felt a disturbance in subspace, like a billion midichlorians just experienced a transporter malfunction."

Comment: Re: Waste (teaching kids about the 'rich') (Score 1) 170

I think I made the points that
- we leave them alone to enjoy their earnings in peace, and.
- earning is a good thing, even if you are really, really good at earning.

The risk of arbitrarily deciding that you don't approve of my spending, or you want to take charge of my spending because you've established an arbitrary measure of how 'fast' you perceive my money is 'churning' is an affront to liberty. And you've condemned my choices of investment to non-existence.

You know it's not some finite pie, a slice of which I've hidden away selfishly.
Housing in the U.S has gained trillions in value this year, the pie just grew bigger.

Economic liberty trumps meddling, and any system that depends on violating liberty in order to exist is a false economy.

By the way, it gets worse...
I asked my son's self-described leftist high school teacher if he would be confiscating points from the lucky students with ability (whose averages were over 75) and redistributing those points to the unfortunates who needed those points to pass. Fairness would be everyone getting a 70. He seemed genuinely upset..

Comment: Re:Waste (teaching kids about the 'rich') (Score 2) 170

I'll get modded into the ground, but whatever.

To teach my early teen kids about money, I offered them $20 apiece for each example they could list of how our "rich" neighbor could do something with his money that doesn't benefit me ( besides piling up his cash and burning it to death )

My son went first... "he could buy a million dollar car". (note: he actually drives a 2+ million dollar Veyron, but whatever)
Reply: "Nice try... But I'm a car salesman / builder / mechanic / own stock in GEICO insurance / sell gasoline & car parts / etc... He helped me even if he didn't intend to."

Daughter: "He could put it all in a bank account."
Reply : "Smart girl, but I'm a banker, that guy was super helpful opening up that account, since we need reserve deposits... if he had picked a stock market account that would also be great, my company sells stock to investors so we can expand and build more widgets, and we issue bonds for the same reason..."

In fact, I made it "easier" for the kids... assume that guy is a hateful jerk... now just list what he could do with his money to prevent anyone else from benefitting. What move can he make with his earnings that would benefit no one but himself ?

Anybody here want to guess how much I paid out? right... and thankfully my kids have not learned jealousy of other people's legal gains.

The end of the lesson was this:

The origin of "greed" is rooted in the concept of lusting for what you haven't earned. In context, it's similar to 'coveting'.
It's not evil to want to earn more by serving as many people as you can honestly.

And while we reserve the right to snicker at people who buy solid gold cell phone cases, we don't fall into the trap of greedily wanting to decide if they deserve it (after all, someone willingly traded it for their services) or if they are using their own money as we would. If they're bad stewards, they won't have it long, and in the meantime they can't help but serve others with that money, no matter what they do with it.

(That Veyron driving neighbor sells rap music, a lot of rap music I suppose... but it's a legal living)

+ - Human Stem Cells Used to Repair Damaged Monkey Hearts->

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "In what could mark a significant breakthrough in the treatment of heart disease, researchers at the University of Washington (UW) have successfully repaired damaged tissue in monkey hearts using cells created from human embryonic stem cells. The findings demonstrate an ability to produce these cells on an unprecedented scale and hold great potential for restoring functionally of damaged human hearts."
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Comment: Re:Short sighted choices (Score 1) 674

"Businesses always choose profit margins over the wellbeing of their customers"?

So car manufacturers only include the minimum safety equipment required by law, and not one airbag more?

It feels like you are vastly (and negatively) oversimplifying the nature of business-consumer relationships. I will be downvoted as a tool, but I have run businesses for decades, and this is wrong. If your experiences differ, they're at odds with the world and perhaps they've skewed you towards that belief, but in the greater world this just is not so. Of course there are exceptions, but they are not the norm. Every business owner/stakeholder I have ever known was a long-term planner, valued customers, and saw his or her business reputation as a high-priority business asset.

The more cordial the buyer's secretary, the greater the odds that the competition already has the order.