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Comment Re:Is that even worthwhile? Serious Question... (Score 2) 82 82

Can someone explain the value of collecting data on battery strength, phone temperature, etc. ?

Seriously, they must be able to monetize that (why else risk alienating customers) but how?

What is the monetary value in knowing my phone temp?

Comment Re:Chinese economy on the verge of collapse? (Score 2) 102 102

If I were prone to dark speculation, I would think about the ChiCom leaders with an overabundance of men in the population (resulting from preferential male births).

They have 50 million more men than women. That's a frustrated powder keg that must dealt with; one way to reduce that population is a land war.

Comment Re:What they really said (Score 1) 93 93

I think the point is the bonds guarantee you will get all your invested dollars 1:1 in 10 years (plus some interest). That is an important guarantee as it makes planning possible with a stable currency.

And the comment above appears to be pointing out that Crypto Currencies cannot make that promise, the values flux wildly at times at may go to zero.
Maybe the Winkies can work on that.

Comment Re:If you don't take enough rides (Score 1, Insightful) 88 88

Hollywood Agent says: We will represent you but you got to do a few things. Like stay in touch, we're paid on commission, so we need to reach you when we need to reach you. .. take all the vacations you want, but when you are available to work, be reachable this way. And if you don't like our agency, continue with Agent Lyft.

Comment Re:Actor's agent is also an employer? (Score 1) 88 88

Top Hollywood agents will kick you out if you refuse to work, they are paid on commission. Plus, with Agent Uber you can "clock out for vacation" any time, every 30 minutes if you like. And you can always continue with Agent Lyft if you are unhappy with Agent Uber.

Or quit acting altogether, it is optional.

Comment Re:Actor's agent is also an employer? (Score 1) 88 88

Nope. Acting agent has an exclusive % contract, the actor agrees to it expressly. A good agent offers lots of benefits and perks, spends lots of dough to keep the Tom Cruises on board, maybe 6 figures per year if necessary in limos, dinners, trips, and goodies. They could let Tom pay all that, but it's good for business as an agent.

Comment Re:Actor's agent is also an employer? (Score 1) 88 88

There is more than one UBER -- other big agent in town is Lyft.
And give it time, if business is good, just like in early Hollywood other agents will appear -- as they have already done in China and India.
Uber actors make direct contact with customers like the movie actors.
Actors have exclusive contracts with their acting agent whereas Uber agent is more lenient, non-exclusive, can also work for Lyft.
Good actor has a large amount of work available, just like a productive Uber actor. Uber filters out and rejects customers too, just like a smart agent.

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