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Comment Re:Since they knew it would come back.. (Score 3, Insightful) 100

This is so typical of the Republicans.

This is the worst variation of the "Kevin Bacon Game." It's the Six Degrees of Political Connection, where any topic, no matter how neutral or broad in scope (like naturally occurring bacteria) can be linked to any political opinion.

Wasn't it Jim Gaffigan who pointed out the way to stop a conversation was with, "I'd like to talk to you about Jesus"?
Now it's, "I'd like to inject my my politics into whatever you just said."

Comment Re:Not this shit again (Score 1) 142

Seriously, STOP trying to make everybody a programmer. It's not going to happen, and it shouldn't happen.

Why not make everyone a plumber or a mechanic or an insurance agent? BECAUSE IT'S STUPID, just like trying to make everyone a programmer.

You make a good point. On that topic, schools (rather than trying to make all kids into programmers) should give kids enough programming literacy so that they can interact thoughtfully with real programmers. Additionally, teaching kids to think like programmers (logic, process, systems, etc) would be a benefit generally for many future professions.

Comment The key (Score 1) 170

Content / Experience. Go back to the early flip phone days and ask if anyone could ever see paying $700 for a mobile phone (!). They would have you committed (or give you millions in VC money, because, insanity). "Surely not more than a few thousand die-hard fanboys will shell out that kind of money for a phone"

The content / experience has helped drive mobile phones to be valued so highly, and VR will likewise be dependent. If it becomes the Must See TV of 2017 then all projections are out the window. And there are a lot of content creators anxious to get in early. Many app developers, meet many VR experience developers.

Comment Re:"with a 2048 bit RSA key" (Score 1) 78

I think the issue is that if the private key was exploited, then every password could be decrypted and subsequently exploited. Security best practice is to store passwords using a hash (actually, salt+hash*10000 times) because decrypting passwords should never be necessary.

Private keys. Salt. Hash. Yep, that's ...that's exactly what I thought.
Actually, thank you. I ... my friend should study up on these topics to be less igcryptorant.

Comment Re:"with a 2048 bit RSA key" (Score 2) 78


Passwords should never be encrypted. .

Can you splain that LI5? Is it because you could sign up some dummy accounts, using various well-chosen passwords, then hack the whole thing and figure out the encryption from those?

Some of us, maybe just one of us, are somewhat encryption illiterate. I'm, uh, asking for a friend who's dumb like that.

Comment Re:Only for rich douchebags... (Score 1) 321

What's more, every nifty gadget we have these days began life as a product only affordable by "rich douchebags", as the GP puts it. GPS, cell phones, TVs, probably every single car feature that is now standard was once a high-priced optional.

Things, especially electronics, have never popped into existence as affordable by the middle class. It's only after economy of scale kicks in and R&D is somewhat recovered that the prices drop. So these "rich douchebags" are not only shifting money towards those various US things, but they are also beta-testing the product for a premium price before it reaches us proletariat.

Well said. Someone else pointed out the original 50" flat screen TVs were initially around $20,000. Now I can get one from NewEgg for about $500-ish.
Thanks rich douche-class, you are the on-ramp to economies-of-scale; you're the reason I can watch WWF in the big screen glory of 4k, for way less than $4k.

Comment Re: Only for rich douchebags... (Score 1) 321

Actually, I would-be shocked if 1 worker pays all of that subsidy. And the fact is, that they don't. But that is OK. In 10 years, Tesla's taxes will have covered the subsidy. In addition, Tesla has forced all car companies to go pure EVs. By 2025, America will likely not import any more oil. That will be huge.

1. I was referring to the retail buyer tax credit rebate, I did not make that clear, but indeed when you take in the economic activity of one Tesla hire, the taxes to the Federal Government cover it.

2. US has already been a net oil exporter, as recently as 2011.
But I am with you generally on the oil dependency regardless.

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