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Comment: It's All Anout the Plane Waves (Score 2) 139

by willworkforbeer (#48886437) Attached to: Scientists Slow the Speed of Light
Well I did Read The Fine Article... in what must be the worst ever case of Casting Physics Pearls Before Illiterate Swine.

But I did get this from the abstract, and it summarizes the point of their results:
"Our work highlights that, even in free space, the invariance of the speed of light only applies to plane waves."

Comment: Altitudinally challenged? (Score 1) 208

by willworkforbeer (#48862613) Attached to: US Army Wants Weapon To Destroy Drone Swarms
I did Read The Fine Article, and it referenced my first thought, which was "don't the cheap terrorists' drones fly low and slow?". Sure enough, the average third world drone is most likely of the variety limited to 500 feet and maybe full bicycle groundspeed. The F-35 on the other hand...

So is this really a military need? Or just an excuse to spend cash on a new defense system? If ISIS or ISIL or OASIS (didn't they break up after that last album?) or whatever gets drones to fly up to serious altitudes, they're going to be larger Predator-sized clones (clones of drones, as it were) which can be shot down with bullet-sized bullets from the aforementioned F-35 or F-Anything for that matter.

(Sidenote, the 'F-Anything' would be an awesome combat fighter designation.)

Comment: Re:Sell your Amazon stock now! (Score 1) 92

Ok, I grabbed one source here:
And here's the money shot quote:
"Currently, approximately $1B in production spending can be expected to deliver $500M-$600M in profits,” the letter says. “Through his continued focus on financial discipline, Doug hopes to improve that ratio to a point where $800-$900M in production spending delivers $500-$600M in profits.”

Comment: Re:Sell your Amazon stock now! (Score 5, Insightful) 92

Did anyone notice during the Sony Pictures mess a revealed a gross margin of around 50%? And it seems Amazon has a captivate market plus millions of eyeballs a day to freely impress marketing upon, whereas traditional studios have to pay-per-eyeball to get the word out.

Comment: Re:US Ego (Score 1) 122

by willworkforbeer (#48845383) Attached to: Cuba's Pending Tech Revolution
A strategy of wide open free markets without barriers might give the people the power to effect change. Communism has, in the long run, a poor record of being favored by those with free market options. Maybe we've been going about this backwards, 'punishing' the few Communists leaders has instead hurt the populace. Launching an unending barrage of free market options might have brought those 'leaders' down more quickly.

Chemist who falls in acid is absorbed in work.