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Comment Re:I wonder if TiVo is long for thisworld (Score 1) 85

They are still profitable but keep decreasing in users.
This does have some neat features for the cable cutting people with it being able to connect to most internet tv program services, you can specify a TV show and it will try to pull down the episodes from all sources be it OTA or streaming.

Comment Re:Still have to pay RENT after you buy it (Score 1) 85

I still have the original TiVo 1, it was returned to the store as being broken worked with no problems, that I got the lifetime for and it still gets channels. I need it for the IR blaster capability.
I have had to replace the hard drive a couple of times but that is it; and I have to adjust manually for the time changes.

Comment Re:That's not a bomb, it's a clock! (Score 1) 657

For temperature there are two different common forms of measurement, one called Fahrenheit the other Celsius; will leave it to you to look up the details and how you convert from one to the other.
So 185 degrees F, like you copied, is equal to 85 C.
However thanks for the rest of your hatred.

Comment Re:Smoking or not, that's the question. (Score 1, Interesting) 175

Looking at the research MJ is actually worse than you for recreational smoking than recreational smoking of tobacco. The difference is that you inhale less MJ so over the long run it is not as dangerous.
as for those toxic chemicals and heavy metals they are also present in cannabis. They mostly come from the type of fertilizer you use, so the more modern synthetic the less contamination, and the more animal and organic fertilizers you use the higher contaminants you will have.

Comment Re:VW opened up pandora box (Score 1) 126

You can easily import a USA certified emissions vehicle into Europe but a vehicle built for the European emissions market generally will not make it into the USA. The reason is different gas are tested and rated differently.
This may all change in 2020 when tougher rules in most parts of Europe go into affect.
Also VM and some other companies are starting to get in trouble in Europe for the same issue that is causing all the news in the USA.

Comment Re:That's not a bomb, it's a clock! (Score 3, Informative) 657

The temperature of the McDonald's coffee was already below industry recommended levels. The levels that the lawyers, and what you are mistakenly calling industry levels, came up with was from them going to near by stores that sold less amounts of coffee and measuring them. The plaintiffs lawyers then claimed that was the normal temperature.
The temperature of the McDonald's coffee was from 82 to 88 C at the max according to plaintiffs lawyers, so by the time served less. The recommendations from manufacturers, coffee drinking clubs, and grinders they recommend in the 90 to 96 C range.,

Comment Re: Hybrid cel/tablet? (Score 1) 283

Looking at switching to a small tablet since I make so few calls and use VoIP as my phone. Problem with using phones as tablet is if you want cell data only plan they will not sell it if they detect you have a phone. With the newer set up to prevent theft that data is given to the provider.

Comment Re:Comment (Score 1) 284

Been reading some of kook sites, like huffington post?
The actual number are that the top 1% owned just under 50% of the world's wealth back in May, with the recent stock crashes that is even lower. So the forecast of owning over 50% in 2016 may still happen but it may be 2017. The rest of the your numbers and reasoning is also as false.
So lets look at what it takes to be a top 1%, if you are living in the USA, at least 25 years old, have a degree higher than high school and making the median income(for those factors) or high you are in the 1%.
It does not take much to make it in the top 10%, if you just under $100,000 USD in assets, house, car, retirement, you are in the top 8%. Or just an average citizen in a developed country.

Comment Learn the difference (Score 0) 370

Learn the difference between changing the climate and global warming as only caused by humans and a major problem.
Who is saying that humans are not changing the climate,after all if you exhale in the Philippine Arena you are changing the climate and is totally different from the comments of the people who flew to the latest global warming conference in their private plans with the primary purpose of seeking more money.

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