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Comment: Re:The Canadian Exodus.... (Score 1) 1463

by will_die (#46774059) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment
What scared Hitler and the Germans about Switzerland was not the armed citizens. It was that the place is a bunch of valleys connected by bridges and tunnels and Switzerland use to keep those mined.Germany needed to keep the trains/transportation running between them and Italy.
So you attack them and it is a fight from valley and no more trains or truck transportation.
Germany was planning to attack and take over Switzerland they are even propaganda posters about how they will pick up the small ones on the way home and plans for the German ruling of Switzerland.

Comment: Check the data behind the numbers (Score 1) 1

by will_die (#46754789) Attached to: Japan surpasses Kyoto Protocol emission target
This report only goes through part of 2012, since then the release emissions of green house gas has been really increasing. The increase is for a couple of reason, first was the global recession which was probably the cause of the greatest green house emissions reduction in recorded history the second is Japan has switch to power generation with a high greenhouse gas generation. With an increase already from power generation switch and with the economy now coming back the minor decrease they made will soon be gone.
However the main method that Japan reduced the Kyoto number was by paying off organizations and groups in the form of carbon credits and by planting trees. Alot of the trees being planted are in places destroyed by natural disasters so a big bonus for them.

Comment: Fear of autism not that high on survey. (Score 2, Interesting) 584

by will_die (#46746029) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"
There was a recent survey among people who do not vacinate their kids and fear of autism was not high.
Top reasons given were:
Would prefer more organic items in the vaccine; or prefer a more natural method of having the kid catch the disease and natural immunization.
That they were in a good area so the kids would not catch anything.
Feat of what "big pharma" is doing, how they are misleading people, and cannot be trusted.

Comment: Remember when the government attempted this (Score 1) 136

by will_die (#46734423) Attached to: Crowd Wisdom Better At Predictions Than Top CIA Analysts
The US Government came out with an idea to do this for terrorist attacks after 9/11 where people with knowledge in the areas of the middle east, various groups and other specialties would be invited to a program they could make forecasts. Those that were correct would have money donated to their university or another organization of their choice.
Liberals came out and called it the idea of a bunch of crazies.

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And the majority of those people are part of the idiot, anti-science problem.
take for example a bunch of stupid anti-Monsanto slides that have come out in the past few weeks about how another country banned all of their products. If you go read the real reason you find it was only banned in one portion of th country and only certain products and the reason was that country was afraid of uprising and the products chemicals could be used to make explosives.

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