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Comment Re:Isn't going off grid illegal? (Score 1) 164

In some larger cities it is illegal, the reason being if you don't have power, water, etc it is considered unfit for humans. Unfortunately you read kook sites and don't get the truth, the person did not want to try to change the law they just wanted to do it and pocket some money from selling the idea to others.
Provided you don't want to live in a larger city than there are generally no restrictions, just move out the city limits and most places are almost unrestricted and you can do almost anything. The worst restrictions you are going to get are country restrictions dealing with the removal of human waste and the soil composition of your leach field

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 37

There is no defined definition of what SPAM is for EU countries, it varies on the country.

Vicky Ford, a MEP and part of Parliamentâ(TM)s ECR Group negotiating team has twittered about it and said various new releases that say ISP SPAM and content filtering is allowed are based on old versions.
If you go read the latest EC press release it mentions right in there that member states can set their own filtering, which is an exception to the non-filtering rule.
So maybe a MEP and the EC sites are both wrong in which case please give a site which has correct info.

Comment Re:Coming to a neck near you ... (Score 1) 71

Not that good of a location, hard to see and easy to be covered.
A better place would be the forehead, would probably be those that are really going with the whole thing. Another good location the top of the hand which is most commonly used by the majority of the population. That way as you reach for stuff you can be verified. Does cause problems for those that don't use that hand so the forehead for them.

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