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Comment: Re:Fracking takes water out of action (Score 4, Informative) 191

by will_die (#47862165) Attached to: US Rust Belt Manufacturing Rebounds Via Fracking Boom

That you cannot get the recipes is a big lie propagated by the gasland film.

You can do a google search and find the generic recipes. The problem is those recipes are generic and depending on the soil the proportions of different chemicals change. The big problem and why various companies have been fighting the various anti-frackers is that as you use the water it picks up chemicals from the ground, the various anti-fracker groups want companies to do a constant scan for those picked up chemicals and track all of them and report all of them.

Comment: Re:Already happened to sharks (Score 1) 180

by will_die (#47695333) Attached to: Fighting Invasive Fish With Forks and Knives
Check the dates, sales did not go up back in the 70s it has gone up with a wealthier asian population who can now afford shark as a food source.
There was a surge of killing, but not a market for the sale, after Jaws. However there has been an increase of sales of shark flesh,in the USA, with the popularity of "shark week" and an increase of the sale during that time.

+ - "I accidentally started a Wikipedia hoax" 5

Submitted by Andreas Kolbe
Andreas Kolbe (2591067) writes "The Daily Dot's EJ Dickson reports how she accidentally discovered that a hoax factoid she added over five years ago as a stoned sophomore to the Wikipedia article on “Amelia Bedelia, the protagonist of the eponymous children’s book series about a ‘literal-minded housekeeper’ who misunderstands her employer’s orders”, had not just remained on Wikipedia all this time, but come to be cited by a Taiwanese English professor, in “innumerable blog posts and book reports”, as well as a book on Jews and Jesus. It's a cautionary tale about the fundamental unreliability of Wikipedia. And as Wikipedia ages, more and more such stories are coming to light."

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by will_die (#47521497) Attached to: Ebola Outbreak Continues To Expand
Not the case. Reston virus, an ebola strain was airborne, and research labs from various countries, include USA and Canada have shown that ariborne ebola can be found.
However there are no reports that this strain is airborne, or at least the governments of the world are not letting that information out in fear of all the problems that would bring........

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