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Comment Re:Just have medicare for all and get rid of the o (Score 1) 285

I use to live in Germany and loved the single payer system there.
I would call up for an appointment and would have it that week. Doctors would take me in at lunch, or whatever time I wanted.

I do need to explain I was not on the German single payer system. When I would first called up and told them I had an issue,non life threatening it would be a few weeks, however after they would check my record and see I was not using the single payer system I would be accommodated in the next day or so. I would go in by pass all the people who had been there for a while, get the work done an be out why they were still sitting there. The system payer system is great, as long as I am not on it.

Comment Re:Lame (Score 2) 432

If you are spending $250 on a thermostat you have plenty of money to burn so owning a vacation home is not out of the question.
Besides a vacation home is one of the few places where a Nest is actually practical. With the internet access it allows you to check the status of the house remotely.

Comment Re:I work for ORACLE... (Score 1) 202

You interested in land for food raising? Can get you as much as you want for in the $100 to $200 an acre. This is land that you can earn a profit from with minimal work, you will be hiring a staff of workers.
The problem is not the amount of land for food raising it is getting the people who want to do the work.

Comment Re:Move to a proper country (Score 4, Informative) 202

The tenants were notified in June that this was going to happen. They were later notified that no leases would be extended and if the leases expired in September they had to be out by then. People with monthly leases also had to be out by then.
This left some people who had leases until December and a few that just stuck around. The ones with the leases until December are in a court lawsuit currently over the level of inaction the management company provided in not fixes issues and with removal of services.
So what additional protection should they have? I live in Germany and three months is what I can expect for notification.

Comment Good. (Score -1, Troll) 242

Computer degrees need to get away from being tied into the math/science departments. The majority of computer "science" degree holders would be better served by having a focus on business focused math classes and a few "science" classes dealing.
Was just looking through an intro class book for a computer degree and they still spend a large portion dealing with hex and binary math. How many people have really used hex and binary math, in a professional position, to the extent that you need to have spend hours learning and memorizing it?
I ever so often have to use binary math and convert that into decimal because of some need to filtering security permission. That is rare and even if I through I remembered everything I would bring up a calculator because I would not be sure I remembered everything.

Comment Re:National ID - what's wrong with it? (Score 1) 428

Or just go to all the various liberal websites that deal with politics and you can find articles of them talking about voter fraud with Bush. Since Democrats are claiming voter fraud resulted in a fraudulent presidential election then it is something that should be stopped.

Comment Re:Controller support on PC (Score 1) 64

It has been a long time since I have played with a Wii but from what I remember they did not have a camera/motion detection interface. They had controllers with motion detection, which came with every device.
As such they are not in the same category as the Kinect, playstation move or Oculus rift in being optional devices.

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