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Comment: Re:Faith in God (Score 3, Informative) 296

by will_die (#47374815) Attached to: Site of 1976 "Atomic Man" Accident To Be Cleaned

Just so you are informed. Religious reasons for no vaccination is very low on the list and is mainly from groups such as the Amish and the main reason Amish don't vaccinate is not for religious reason but items such as since they are closed community the risk is not as high.

The biggest reasons for people not going with vaccines are not trusting of "big" science and vaccines are loaded with all those chemicals, similar to GMO.

Comment: Re:How Can The USMS Sell These? (Score 2) 88

by will_die (#47359411) Attached to: Winners of First Seized Silk Road Bitcoin Auction Remain Anonymous
It was agreed that Ulbriht is the only person who has a possible right to the bitcoins so he and USMS agreed that because of the volatility of the Bitcoin markets that the USMS would have the right to sell the coins as they want and then the monies from that sale would go into a deposit fund until the court case has been decided upon.
So the coins were not seized, just sold off and the value, at the time of sale, is now waiting a court decision.

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Actually it was a term indians used to refer to themselves; you can easily find writing from various indian leaders who used the term.
It took on some negative connotations because it was used then used in various negative works.
Also the bounty of indian scalps was not done by the US Government it was offered by British and Mexican governments.

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What probably happen was this mail was stored on PSTs on her local computer.
The US federal government is filled with numerous regulations governing the size of email mailbox so it is not uncommon to have people use PSTs and since there are different regulations about storing PSTs on network drives, ok this one is valid, you get large quantities of email stored on local computers.

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by will_die (#47211471) Attached to: Cisco Opposes Net Neutrality
Which is why net neutrality needs to die and application neutrality needs to be passed.
Application neutrality recognizes QoS, and that ISPs customers would like to have certain sites blocked.
It would require ISPs to treat similar traffic the same way so if you want to block or slow down streaming videos you have to treat all sites the same, want to block email spam good but you have to apply the same set of rules to all email.

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However if you go read the bills that have been proposed for net neutrality you will see that ISP that did implement QoS would be breaking the law.
Same as if the ISP were to setup email spam filtering or a school run provider that decided to block out site such as MAMBLA.
All of those actions would be illegal under the majority of Net Neutrality bills.

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by will_die (#47153745) Attached to: Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage
The liberals are not pushing for the increase in minimum wage because of the people who earn it but because of all the poeple who make a higher salary that is tied to the minimum wage.
So you will now have a bunch of people get a similar percent increase in salaries, which will then push those not tied to have a an increase in salary. If you are currently making $15 an hour you will not want to stay making that when the minimum wage is $15, you will be looking for $20-$24 jobs. That keeps pushing up until it does affect your area.

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The coffee was not at an above normal temperature, in fact the temperature is lower then the temperature recommended by various coffee drinking group.
The way the low temperature got in was the lawyer sueing went around to places that were selling less amounts of coffee and recorded the temperatures of those places.
McDonalds stilll tells its franchises to sell at the temperature of the lawsuit and if you purchase from any major coffe chain that is the temperature range you will mostly likely get.

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