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Comment: Re:I Don't Think This Was Well Thought Out (Score 2, Informative) 787

by wilkinc (#31169094) Attached to: Utah Assembly Passes Resolution Denying Climate Change
First google hit for 'global temperature january 2010' gives these pages:

It's a personal page, but seems to be using NASA temperature readings.

Comment: Re:Oh dear (Score 1) 413

by wilkinc (#27658023) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Is "Very Ill" In Hospital

That is an interesting position. How did God decide that humanity had turned away from Him? Given that (approximately) 5 billion of the 6 billion people on Earth believe in some sort of God, it seems strange for God to abandon humanity completely. Isn't that like judging the whole of the population by it's worst (or stupidest!) members?

Even granting that assumption, it still doesn't explain why so many children are killed by natural disasters, surely they haven't turned away from God (yet), right? God removes his protection from the entire planet because some of the population didn't worship him in the correct way? Sounds a bit petty to me! :)

As is always the way with the classical, Old-Testament God, the more you hear about His actions, the less you feel like He is deserving of worship!

Comment: Re:Oh dear (Score 1) 413

by wilkinc (#27657097) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Is "Very Ill" In Hospital

I think I understand your reasoning here, but I don't really understand how floods, earthquakes and cyclones are 'the consequences of people's actions'. I can agree that human failings (murder, rape and possibly diseases) are consequences of our own innately destructive nature and God does not interfere with these types of actions (for the reasons you stated above).

What I don't really understand is how humans are expected to 'solve' the problems of natural disasters. Do you agree that such 'Acts of God' are directly caused by God? If not, surely there is no reason for an all-loving God to let these things happen since they are not caused by the failings of humans, right?

I rather enjoy debates along religious lines, and I perfectly recognise that you can be both rational and religious. However, I am biased by my secular upbringing to be very skeptical about God in general and organised religions in particular. ;)

Comment: Re:Oh dear (Score 1) 413

by wilkinc (#27652795) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Is "Very Ill" In Hospital

Or maybe we should hold people responsible for their actions, not God, whether or not you believe in him.

So we should hold people accountable for their actions? Should we not hold God to the same standard? What about Natural Disasters, otherwise known as 'Acts of God'? Just looking at the top 10 natural disasters on that list, it gives a total of just about 6 million people killed by 'Acts of God', were they *all* sinners who deserved to die? How about the babies and small children who were killed in floods, earthquakes and cyclones? I don't really see how an all-loving God could just sit by and allow these things to happen, but if you can, then great! Just don't expect me to play along.

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