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by FuegoFuerte (#47285373) Attached to: 2 US Senators Propose 12-Cent Gas Tax Increase

This is actually false. In some countries it's substantially cheaper; in many of those, it's subsidized by the government (instead of taxed) because they understand that it keeps their economy moving.

Also, in many countries where gasoline is expensive, they've switched to LPG and/or CNG for most cars, which in those countries is FAR cheaper than gasoline (in either their country or the US).

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If you're adding aftermarket RAM to a server, why the hell would you use anything other than Crucial or maybe Samsung? Crucial will tell you exactly which RAM is best for your system (including timings and such), and will guarantee compatibility. Prices aren't the absolute lowest but are competitive, warranty is top-notch, and the one time they accidentally shipped the wrong product to me they shipped a replacement overnight.

Since I work with more mature businesses that buy major name-brand servers, we buy our RAM through the same channels. If we were running white-box and didn't care about overall support for the server though, I'd go Crucial as an easy single-source for RAM without hesitation.

Comment: Pissing off customers, much? (Score 1, Informative) 210

by FuegoFuerte (#47215811) Attached to: Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order

This may be a reasonable as a negotiating tactic, but one of the things that has lead Amazon to a position of prominence is that it seemed like just about anything a person wanted was available for purchase. If this ceases to be true, Amazon risks alienating customers. There may not be a good online one-stop-shop alternative now, but the more they distance their customers the more they open up the possibility for others to come in and fill the void.

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by FuegoFuerte (#47148667) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

Besides all the shiny marketing, they are admittedly designed with usability in mind,

I used to believe this load of bullshit about Mac usability, until I got one. I've been using a Macbook Pro for 6 months now as my primary machine, and I still hate it. Usability my ass... just TRY connecting the damn thing to a projector or second display in a conference room and making it behave in a rational manner. Or try taking a screenshot... what was that obnoxious key combo again? That's right... it makes no sense and can't be remembered by a mere mortal. Let's jump to the beginning of a line with the Home key, or the end of the line with the End key... oh wait, it doesn't have one. They conveniently replaced those with more key combinations that can't be remembered by us mortals. Apparently text entry isn't an important usability case for Apple.

Any time I want to get real work done, I plug in a Windows keyboard and switch over to a Windows VM. Why? Not because I love Microsoft software and Windows so much, it's because it "just fucking works" unlike everything on the Mac.

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I disagree about the Glock window decal... That tells a certain percentage of burglars "hey, I have guns in my house... come steal them." Yeah, they could be in a safe, but that safe might not be bolted down, or they might not be in a safe because safes are expensive. So do without the decal.

Totally agree with the camera though. Another option is to realize that if you're that concerned about your stuff, your life is probably pretty miserable. Keep a good itemized list with pictures and serial numbers, make sure your insurance company has a copy of that list and your coverage is sufficient, and go on about your business. Maybe sell some of it and get out more.

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It's likely that it does... by datable I mean "interested in an actual relationship (not just sex), low drama, low maintenance, mature and smart enough to hold an intelligent conversation and not just prattle on about what so-and-so said on facebook." Those type of girls can be found anywhere... usually behind the counter at the local Starbucks, or working at the grocery store, or wherever. It takes time to get to know them, and you have to show that you actually care about them and are somehow different from the other 200 guys trying to get their attention - usually that involves talking to them and not just telling them they're hot.

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