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Comment While they're at it... (Score 4, Informative) 448 448

They should also disable the Adobe Download Manager (Adobe DLM). For any of you that have downloaded Adobe Reader 9 (with Firefox) recently, you would have noticed that they make you install a Firefox add-on instead of just linking you to the binary.

It's proprietary and full of ads! Just what I wanted, an extension that checks for updates of my Adobe Reader software. Uninstalled. The Firefox team should send a message. Firefox add-ons are not yours to take over like the Windows startup.

Comment Re:Governments can regulate on social matters (Score 1) 512 512

Your argument only works if we concede and use your definition of "planet". The majority of English speakers don't though.

What scientists decide to consider planets or not is of a categorical nature; it has no bearing on the facts themselves but only on how they can be expressed.

Comment Re:What's the point in wating for markets to turn (Score 1) 215 215

You DO understand that GPUs, not the CPUs are the bottleneck, but I guess you've never actually shipped any games.

Depends completely on CPU/GPU setup. Try putting a HD 4870 card in an old X2 3800+ box, see how that goes. But I guess you've never shipped any games.

Comment Re:What's the point in wating for markets to turn (Score 1) 215 215

Maybe, but you're ignoring the value you would get out of your original investment. That's three years you've had a good computer vs. three years with a subpar one. Besides, laptops aren't really what we're talking about, since they cannot fit a decent graphics card.

Comment Re:What's the point in wating for markets to turn (Score 1) 215 215

I've heard the bang-for-your-buck argument in favor of Phenom II, but I don't think it holds up when you consider that an i7 (920) setup is only $300-$400 more, will last much longer than a Phenom II, and presently blows it out of the water in CPU-intensive tasks (especially when OC'd). When you spread that money over two or three years, in the long run its a better deal to just upgrade to the X58 chipset.

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