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Universal Pictures Wants To Remove Localhost and IMDB Pages From Google Results 188 188

Artem Tashkinov writes: We've all known for a very long time that DCMA takedown requests are often dubious and even more often outright wrong but in a new turn of events a Universal Pictures contractor which does web censorship has requested a takedown of an IMDB page and the address. I myself has seen numerous times that pages which barely include the title of an infringing work of art get removed from search engines.

What the GNOME Desktop Gets Right and KDE Gets Wrong 267 267

An anonymous reader writes: Eric Griffith at Phoronix has provided a fresh perspective on the KDE vs. GNOME desktop debate after exclusively using GNOME for the past week while being a longtime KDE user. He concluded his five-page editorial (which raises some valid points throughout) by saying, "Gnome feels like a product. It feels like a singular experience. When you use it, it feels like it is complete and that everything you need is at your fingertips. It feels like the Linux desktop. ... In KDE, it's just some random-looking window popup that any application could have created. ... KDE doesn't feel like cohesive experience. KDE doesn't feel like it has a direction its moving in, it doesn't feel like a full experience. KDE feels like its a bunch of pieces that are moving in a bunch of different directions, that just happen to have a shared toolkit beneath them." However, with the week over and despite his criticism, he's back to using KDE.

Comment Re:A long time coming... (Score 2) 364 364

Pretty sure that has to do with trade regulations between the US and China - anti-dumping provisions and the like for US steel companies, and not a reflection on poor Chinese steel (though I do understand shortcuts taken in China regarding steel manufacturing are rampant and frightening)

Comment Re:It never worked properly anyway... (Score 1) 142 142

I was having problems because the TV was interfering with the RF signal between the Chromecast and the WAP. Here's what I did, with excellent results:

$20 worth of cabling, and I got the thing connected via Cat5. Works great now, no disconnects anymore, and it no longer takes up a spot on wireless device list in the WAP.

Comment Must have been visited by some serious looking men (Score 2) 45 45

Foxconn executive: "We'll have a black factory in 3 years!"

Communist Party: "If you do that, all your people will be unemployed, and instead of slaving away at a phone factory, making useless crap for American idiots, we'll have people available to protest our mismanaged government"

FC: "Not my problem"

CP: "Gulag."

FC: "We'll have a 30% robot presence in 5 years!"

Comment Re:Then and now (Score 1) 54 54

but they don't provide unfiltered access to the country with more internet consumers than anyone else in the world - China.

These plans are an end-run around the Great Firewall, make no mistake.

I have my popcorn waiting for when the Chinese government decides to start shooting the satellites down.

Comment Re:Better get those lobbyists ready, Comcast (Score 1) 98 98

No way. The latency would be ridiculous for most use cases. This is only actually marketable for a couple of situations -

1. Orbital internet service. The ISS can surf porn.
2. Remote internet service. The researchers at Macmurdo can surf porn.
3. Circumventing state filters on internet content. The Chinese can surf porn.
4. Interplanetary internet service. The Mars rover and future moon/Mars colonies will eventually be able to surf porn.

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