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Comment: Re:Really, Slashdot? (Score 1) 213

by wiggles (#49189055) Attached to: Will you be using a mobile payment system?

I've had Google Wallet on my Nexus 4 since 2012. I used it for like a month, until the novelty wore off. It's just plain easier to open my wallet, grab a credit card, and swipe it through the reader than it is to get out my phone, unlock, find the wallet app, unlock fumble with the NFC scanner that doesn't always work, hope I have a decent server connection, and etc. I found that 7 out of 10 times I tried to use it, I wound up putting my phone away and digging out my wallet just to avoid pissing off all the other people in line behind me.

Comment: Re:stream machine (Score 2) 48

by wiggles (#49118795) Attached to: Valve To Reveal Virtual Reality Dev Kit Next Week At GDC

SteamOS is still under active development and works quite well. I anticipate we'll see some dedicated hardware halfway through 2015.

You can roll your own Steam Box today if you like. I ran it dual-boot on my gaming PC for a little while, but I got rid of it in favor of Slackware and a Steam on Linux installation.

Comment: Re:So how about the core Russian module? (Score 2) 100

by wiggles (#49103785) Attached to: ISS Crew Install Cables For 2017 Arrival of Commercial Capsules

Yeah, I don't see this project moving forward. For one, Russia is broke. Their economy is in tatters. For two, I don't see the Japanese or Europeans siding with the Russians on much of anything; there's too much bad blood there. The Russians have burned just about every diplomatic bridge they have right now - they're stuck being buddies with thugs and failed states because nobody else will return Putin's phone call.

Comment: Re:Start with Venus... (Score 1) 319

by wiggles (#48775075) Attached to: How Close Are We To Engineering the Climate?

Habitable does not necessarily mean earthlike. Just getting it to the point of having floating colonies, actively working on fixing the planet - of putting up sun shields over the planet to even start cooling, getting cheap, efficient interplanetary transportation - all of that will take hundreds of years. Turning it into a place we can walk around on the ground would take a lot longer.

Comment: Re:islam (Score 1) 1350

by wiggles (#48756699) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ

Short answer: Political ambitions, greed, and corruption - all things the Christian religion condemns. These things happened because Christendom wasn't following the teachings of its own religion. You can't blame the religion itself for the misdeeds of its followers. You must blame the followers themselves for not living according to their stated values.

Comment: Re:islam (Score 2) 1350

by wiggles (#48756055) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ

Again, not true.

Protestants - as in Main Line Protestants (Baptists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists, etc) all have governing bodies of some sort who determine the theologies of those particular churches.

"Non-denominational" churches are those who reject even those Protestant churches' theologies. Those are the dangerous ones, many can't even be considered Christian, as they do things like disbelieve the divinity of Jesus, of the Trinity, etc.

In the current era, there are many who, when confronted with their own behaviors being out of sync with the Church, decide that instead of changing their behavior, they simply change their Church. It's more convenient that way.

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