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Comment Really? (Score 4, Insightful) 269

> 'a statistically significant' pattern where the percentage of Republican votes increase the larger the size of the precinct.

The larger the precinct in geographical terms, the more spread out the population. The more spread out, the more rural, the more rural, the more Republicans per capita. Where's the problem here?

Comment Re:Complete Bullshit - funded by Koch-funded CATO (Score 4, Funny) 414

They are not far left. They are anti-Republican. Hence, if Republicans start preaching about global warming and nuclear disarmament, guaranteed HuffPo will want to invade Russia and fire up the coal plants.

It's not about what they want done, it's who they want to lose.

Comment Re:A long time coming... (Score 2) 364

Pretty sure that has to do with trade regulations between the US and China - anti-dumping provisions and the like for US steel companies, and not a reflection on poor Chinese steel (though I do understand shortcuts taken in China regarding steel manufacturing are rampant and frightening)

Comment Re:It never worked properly anyway... (Score 1) 142

I was having problems because the TV was interfering with the RF signal between the Chromecast and the WAP. Here's what I did, with excellent results:

$20 worth of cabling, and I got the thing connected via Cat5. Works great now, no disconnects anymore, and it no longer takes up a spot on wireless device list in the WAP.

Comment Must have been visited by some serious looking men (Score 2) 45

Foxconn executive: "We'll have a black factory in 3 years!"

Communist Party: "If you do that, all your people will be unemployed, and instead of slaving away at a phone factory, making useless crap for American idiots, we'll have people available to protest our mismanaged government"

FC: "Not my problem"

CP: "Gulag."

FC: "We'll have a 30% robot presence in 5 years!"

Comment Re:Then and now (Score 1) 54

but they don't provide unfiltered access to the country with more internet consumers than anyone else in the world - China.

These plans are an end-run around the Great Firewall, make no mistake.

I have my popcorn waiting for when the Chinese government decides to start shooting the satellites down.

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