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Comment: Re:quit whining over loss of free services (Score 1) 383

by wiedzmin (#43204023) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which Google Project Didn't Deserve To Die?

[quote]Really I don't know why reader is being lamented so much. It had a stupid, wasteful interface and wasn't very customizable. I've tried a couple times to make something useful of it but it's always been inferior.[/quote]

Cross platform support. I can sync the same read/unread items between 6 different devices I use, many using third-party client applications developed using their API. No other RSS reader platform offers this.

Comment: Re:Two words: (Score 2) 132

by wiedzmin (#42210335) Attached to: Advertising May Soon Follow You From One Device To the Next

I stopped using Google services long time ago for that same reason. Used to be a huge fanboy... and I mean I used everything - email, docs, blogger, maps, adwords, adsense, freaking shopping site, everything. Now the only one I have left is Gmail, to make sure nobody steals whatever accounts I haven't moved off of it yet.

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