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Comment: DC... (Score 0) 208

by whopub (#47314707) Attached to: The Simultaneous Rise and Decline of <em>Battlefield</em>

I bought the original Battlefield 1942, installed the Desert Combat mod and it's still the only game (online or not) that I play. I think I tried BF2, didn't buy it though, and wasn't convinced. As for DC, there's still a few servers around. Unfortunately some of them insist on having crappy maps on rotation. Apart from that, it's still great fun.

Comment: Re:the joker in the formula (Score 0) 686

by whopub (#47221447) Attached to: Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

You are ignoring the fact that it seems like one highly intelligent and technology-developing species could probably not evolve in coexistence with another one on the same planet, at some point one would win and kill off the other one.

Probably not around here, but imagine an earth like planet, about 17 times bigger... Two separate intelligent species could evolve separately and not be aware of each other well until they get close to XX century earth-like tech. Remember we only got to really start moving around in the XVI century. And earth is a relatively small planet. Now imagine something much MUCH bigger.

Still, of course, we have to consider, what would happen if those 2 species met. Would we be talking about human-like vs over-developed-dolphin? :) Or just two different branches of primate evolution, REALLY different (not american indian vs european caucasian different, since those were the same species) that only met when both were culturally advanced enough to actually get along.

Comment: Alright!!! (Score 0) 396

by whopub (#40547175) Attached to: LHC Discovers New Particle That Looks Like the Higgs Boson

Uh, yeah! Alriiight! We got it! We found the little prick! Illusive son of a bitch! We nailed it! Fuck, yeah!! We found this... the... little... thing. Damn right! Who da man? Who da man?! We da men! Ahah!! It's done! Bag it!! Can you believe we found the thing? Oh, man. I can't... I... oh... This is really great. The whole thing... the little... I mean, c'mon!! It's there! Look, it's... right there. We... What the fuck is this thing? No, really, what the... fuck is this... thing... we just f... found? Ah, gotta patent the fuck outta the fucker, anyway!

Comment: Re:Validity? (Score 0) 370

by whopub (#39290071) Attached to: For Windows 8 Users, Stardock Revives the Start Menu
I've never had any trouble finding apps in XP's start menu. I use 'dirs' and group the apps by genre. I have design apps, sound apps, internet, security, utils, and so on. No need to scroll or have two columns. I don't use quick launch and I don't have a single app shortcut on my desktop (I have quite a few txts in there though, as post its...).

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