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Comment Is this a joke? (Score 1, Insightful) 259

I am not sure if the person is an idiot or just trying to get attention from the NSA news.

The fact that each character has the same obfuscation means that it would be easy to match against, it would be more secure to take a marker pen and scribble random lines through pictures of your rebel message.

But the "clever cryptographic fontâ"which you can use in email messages to shield them from snoops" is just laughable. Any text scanner would only see the character encoding, not the font, or is opening an e-mail and changing it's font beyond their comprehension.

Comment Re:First Wine Post (Score 2) 168

This might be handy for any W7 users reading this.

- To get the current address on the breadcrumbs, you can right click on any crumb and choose copy address.

- If you click the icon left of the breadcrumbs ( or white space on the right ) it will reveal the folder path and highlight it ready for copying.

- There is a folder tree view in explorer if you expand the 'Computer' section in the left pane. To have it always expand to the folder being viewed: Tools, Folder Options, General Tab, Tick 'Automatically expand to current folder'.

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