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Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 879 879

Yeah, people who haven't done the math don't understand the tradeoffs. Buying costs a lot more at the start. You don't get it back until the very end of the process.


Had I not bought my house 13 years ago, I would be paying more in rent than my net housing costs (after tax effects are factored in) are now. Yes, my cost was a little higher initially, but after my first re-fi, that changed. I am reaping the benefits now.

Unless you expect to have flat income your whole life, the reason to buy earlier isn't to save money, it is to be able to covet the property. Mine mine mine. Mine.

No. The main reason is that, when you buy a house, you fix most of your housing costs, while rental rates will continue to increase. With a flat income, you eventually won't be able to live in the same house, if you buy, the point at which you can no longer afford your house will come much later, and when it does, you will very likely have a nice profit on the sale.

Comment Re: Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 2) 368 368

If you wonder if ground loops might be a bogus concern, you've never worked in pro audio. ;)

Ground loops are a real concern in many audio hookups, but not for these cables, which have no way for the shielding to connect. Only the twisted pairs can connect and none of these carry ground.

Comment Re:Is that even worthwhile? (Score 1) 103 103

Is it even worthwhile to use an app like that to save a few cents on gas?

I go out of my way to avoid one brand, irrespective of price: their pumps are old and make it too easy for people to install card skimmers. Since avoiding this brand, I haven't had problems with my credit card being cloned. When I bought from this brand (at the gas station closet to my house), credit card fraud was a recurring problem for me.

Comment Re:Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 1) 368 368

Actually, in pro audio ethernet is used with proprietary protocols, handled by black box ASIC chips with special switches. I deal with this crap in the studio. Where I am they use it mostly for the personal mixers providing monitor outputs, but some places use it for inputs too.

I seriously doubt that pro audio provides a large enough market for ASIC chips, unless the chips were designed years ago. These days FPGAs have taken all the low-end market for ASIC and high-end ASIC have vast NRE costs.

As for proprietary protocols, why? The manufacturers might claim this, but how do you know? Using proprietary protocols when there are well established industry standard prototcols only increases price and very rarely provides any performance improvement. Again, with the size of the pro audio market, does this make sense?

Comment Re:Why does anyone care? (Score 2) 117 117

You can use high powered lasers in short pulses to compress and heat a fuel pellet to achieve fusion. A particular approach called fast ignition requires a petawatt pulse

I think that should be "a very short pulse" -- but pulses used for ignition are much higher energy -- from 70kJ to 2MJ, according to your link.

I would not believe anything in the article, though, since the writer seems to have a very poor grasp of basic physics:

Two quadrillion wattsit self is a massive amount of output. The burst only lasted about one picosecond (1/1,000,000,000,000 of a second), so while the energy output was incredibly large, the actual amount of power (energy divided by time) the LFEX used wasnâ(TM)t all that big. When it was all said and done, the laser only produced enough power to run a microwave for about two seconds.

Submission + - Cambridge Professor alleges climate scientists were murdered. ->

whoever57 writes: A Cambridge professor is alleging that the deaths of 3 scientists who were researching arctic ice loss may have been assassinated. All three died within a short space of time from causes that looked like accidents but, in the case of two of them could equally have been murder (falling down stairs, traffic accident). The third scientist died from being struck by lightning, which is a unlikely way to die, but would be hard to fake. The professor himself also experienced a traffic incident that could have been a deliberate attempt to kill him.
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Comment Re:Fail2ban (Score 1) 157 157

How well does that work with IPv6? If a client has a /64 then they can do quite a lot of trial and error if each IP is blocked one by one.

You can change the action that fail2ban performs and make it block a range of IP addresses. I already block /24 IPv4 netblocks after seeing attacks from close ranges of addresses.

Comment Re:He has a talent for understatement (Score 1) 305 305

You'd still lose, because Disney can easily outspend the plaintiff's, for no real payout [ok, you can get your jobs back for 6 months until we lay you off! + lawyers fee's]. There's no penalty for violating the law.

If this comment was aimed at my point about a right of private prosecution, it doesn't reflect how things often work. Often initiating a private prosecution embarrasses the government into action.

But still, those people who advocate "small government" need to remember this when they are replaced by H1-B employees.

Comment Re:He has a talent for understatement (Score 1) 305 305

He knows the law was sold to the public as not permitting this, but was written to permit it, because that's what the people who paid for the law demanded.

Actually, I don't think that H1-B can legally be used in this way (I am not a lawyer, but this is my understanding of H1-B rules). The job isn't truly outsourced because in deals like this, the company (Disney in this case) retains too much control over the H1-B replacements, so this is a clear case of using H1-Bs to replace American and resident aliens at lower wages, which is not allowed.

Then those "small government" types starve the agencies that should enforce the laws, so that the laws go unenforced. What I don't understand is why the USA doesn't allow a private right of prosecution in the same way that the UK allows.

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