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Comment Re:Why does gov't care about climate change protes (Score 1) 207

However protesters and government being in agreement does squash your silly suggestion that its part of some government conspiracy heading towards dictatorship.

Alert ... logic FAIL!!!!!

It doesn't matter why these people tried to demonstrate. They wanted to be on the streets making their political views known and the government suppressed their rights to political speech. Suppressing demonstrations, protests, whatever you want to call them is a path that every dictatorship has gone down.

Frankly, I cannot believe how naive and childish you are in thinking that just because the protesters may have agreed in some small way with government policy means that suppressing the protest was the action of a government that is interested in freedom of speech.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 207

So instead, do nothing. Don't worry about people getting slaughtered. After all, France is a big country, it can afford to have a few hundred people murdered every once in a while.

Your argument is that the government must do something, even if that something is completely pointless and anti-democratic.

The same money that is put into "security" would save more lives if put into other fields, like traffic safety, help for the homeless, etc..

Comment Re:Is the news cycle the only explanation? (Score 1) 125

The environment getting much worse -- mass deforestation, global warming, declining fresh water supplies, much of it abetted by ever-spiraling population growth?

The environment is getting better. You should have seen how bad the air pollution was in the 70s, for example. Rivers have been cleaned up and come back to life since then.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 207

But apparently we're still having elections and whatnot.

Are you Cricket or Paul? Anyway, you need to study your history a little more. The Soviet Union held elections. Communist China held elections. Hitler came to power through an election.

The populace of most western countries is spied upon in a manner that far surpasses the spying on citizens that took place in East Germany.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 734

A GUI needs to provide process management. Modern GUIs in particular, where there is an expectation of dozens of processes running notifying the user require quite sophisticated process management. Arguably the thing that drove the biggest change in Gnome 3 / KDE 4 from Gnome 2 / KDE 3 was introducing a framework dependent on much more sophisticated process management because they wanted notification to work well.

ok, let me look into that.

Non process managed systems are simply not going to be supported.

Unsupported by who? Who gets to decide what is supported and what is not?

Comment Re:If you write SQL injections (Score 1) 64

The thing is, the majority of these issues stem from people that specifically DON'T work as a web developer. These cases usually come from other people in a company told to come up with a website and are reasonably smart in a related area, like programming, so they do a quick once over of JS, SQL, PHP and the sort, put together some crap website and call it a day. Don't forget large amounts of copy-pasted code straight outta stackoverflow-ton.

This isn't an excuse

Comment Re:Why does gov't care about climate change protes (Score 1) 207

What dissent? The protesters and the government agree.

They were going to protest, were they not? How is that not dissent? Just because they may not have been about to protest against the French government does not stop it from being dissent.

You are being obtuse. The story title is "France Using Emergency Powers To Prevent Climate Change Protests". The story is about the suppression of protests. Protests are about dissent.

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