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Comment Re:There's two sides to this... (Score 2) 84

Let's take your example a bit further. The nasty comments are there. They already exist. What benefit is there to de-anonymizing past postings? Will it really help if you know the names of the people who wrote those vile things?

Not allowing future anonymous comments isf one thing. De-anonymizing existing comments is entirely another.

Comment Re:often ahead in the wrong direction, certainly d (Score 3, Interesting) 448

In some ways certainly they are "ahead" - California isn't shy about trying out new new things, or to put it another way "imposing more and more mandates on its citizens without any way of knowing how it will work out". Sometimes it works out well, sometimes it blows up in their face.

Oh, please. You could be in Kentucky or West Virginia, where the Koch brothers are experimenting with the laws.

Overall, we can see what all the experimentation in California, the willingness to jump off ledges no-one has previously tested, has done to California's economy over the last 30 years. Some people -like- California despite the economic and other problems.

Yeah, I would hate to live somewhere where jobs are plentiful, where the government is running a surplus ... wait, what economic problems?

Comment Re:The IRS keeps its hooks in US citizens who leav (Score 3, Informative) 363

Your comprehension skill are lacking.

1. The $2M sum is only a test for eligibility.

2. Tax is payable on unrealized gains, not total assets:

IRC 877A imposes a mark-to-market regime, which generally means that all property of a covered expatriate is deemed sold for its fair market value on the day before the expatriation date. Any gain arising from the deemed sale is taken into account for the tax year of the deemed sale notwithstanding any other provisions of the Code.

There is a $680k deduction, which is unrelated to any primary residence:

The amount that would otherwise be includible in gross income by reason of the deemed sale rule is reduced (but not to below zero) by $600,000, which amount is to be adjusted for inflation for calendar years after 2008 (the âoeexclusion amountâ). For calendar year 2014, the exclusion amount is $680,000

Comment Re:The IRS keeps its hooks in US citizens who leav (Score 1) 363

If you have over $2 million in total assets, the Federal Government will demand a slice of that before you can expatriate. Yes, those are accumulated assets that have already been taxed when first gained. Renouncing really doesn't solve the problem...

Citation? Because I don't think it works like that. I think that you get taxed on unrealized (and hence untaxed) gains, but you also get to deduct the first $600k. This also applies to green card holders who leave the USA.

Comment Re:Stalking Horse? (Score 1) 137

Blackberries have to connect to a BES in order to work, IIRC. For a corporate user, that would be the company's own server. Joe Public would normally connect to a BES run by RIM and under their control, and thus amenable to government intercepts.

You missed my point. The article does not state that BB's interception capabilities are limited to intercepting Joe Public's communications. This implies that BB can also intercept communications when a corporate BES is in use.

Comment Re:Stalking Horse? (Score 1) 137

You see Blackberry has a unique position in the market, it being not just the manufacturer but also the network operator. Thus for most normal Blackberry users (non-corporate),

That's actually an interesting point. In years past, the Blackberry fanboys used to tout how secure BB devices were when used with a BB enterprise server. It appears now that this claim was never true.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 137

It makes perfect sense if Blackberry's main customer is the US govt.

If they are selling to the US government, they can privately tell the buyers about this "feature" (or is it a "misfeature"?), otherwise, I think that the CEO of Blackberry is about to become good friends with Gerald Ratner and Adam Osborne.

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