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Comment: Union's.... (Score 1) 294

by who_stole_my_kidneys (#49490267) Attached to: IT Worker's Lawsuit Accuses Tata of Discrimination
As much as most of us would like to fight it , at some point the US will not have any other choice but to Unionize IT workers. This is basically the same as what happened to labors, they were working long hours for low pay, and replaced by cheaper labor. This is exactly what is happening with H1B's , cheaper labor is forcing Americans to take lower wages for the same work.

Comment: "CS Grads!" everyone is missing this part... (Score 1) 170

by who_stole_my_kidneys (#48975495) Attached to: Study Predicts 9% Drop In Salaries of New CS Grads This Year
They are specifically talking about people right out of college with a CS degree. Any one in the field will tell you 4 years of hands on experience out weights 4 years of academic work. Once they are our of college, you now have to re-train that grad to do real world work.

Comment: Try paying them..... (Score 1) 166

In my experience the pay rate was well under what private companies pay, and for some one who is worth their salt they would jump at a private company that is going to pay them 30% more + stocks and better medical benefits. Hiring some one for a position takes 2-3 times as long to process paperwork, and if they have not been offered another position with a private company, the laugh at the offered salary.

Comment: Re:Hire More Devs (Score 1) 209

Exactly, either way your going to continue to hemorrhage cash on this, however having in house devs document and create the modules you need will help in the long run as a point of contact to upgrade, patch, and improve upon. Having contractors will get you what you need in the short term but your going to pay extra just for changing the icon to cornflower blue.

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