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Comment: Yes, we can move our planet (Score 1) 84 84

What do we do if the sun goes into red giant mode?"

The answer by the way, is "not much".

First of all, we have billions of years before that happens. Second of all, we can just move the Earth a little farther from the sun (if we're still living here or it has sufficient sentimental value). This, incidentally, relates to asteroids in that we can use the slingshot effect to transfer energy and momentum from asteroids to planet.

Comment: Re:What plan? (Score 1) 84 84

A plan to save us from NEOs would require some ability to actually reach an NEO before it hit.

Any plan to reach a NEO before it hits requires some ability to detect them (preferably when they're far enough away that we only need to give them a gentle nudge).

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