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Comment: Re:IPv6 Addresses (Score 2) 305

by whitelabrat (#47222663) Attached to: When will large-scale IPv6 deployment happen?

IPv6 sort of demands that you forget everything you know about IPv4. Once you get IPv6, you'll ask yourself why anybody still uses IPv4. For example.

There are more /48 networks in IPv6 space than there are IPv4 addresses. Everybody ought to get a /48 network which include 18 quintillion addresses. The first part of the a global unicast address is often referred to as a prefix and all your IP's will have that. The second part may be derived from you NIC's MAC. So there is some good sense to it.

You'll really want to use DNS.

I'm using IPv6 at home and work now and think its time is way overdue.

Comment: Re:Teamwork (Score 1) 455

by whitelabrat (#42998913) Attached to: Why Working Remotely Needs To Make a Comeback

I absolutely agree. In a work environment where collaboration and communication are needed to reach an end goal, telework sucks. The latency and opportunity for misunderstanding are strong. I've been able to hash out more in an hour over a few pints than in several week over email or chat. Just saying. There's a lot to be said for hearing your peer's ideas and for being able to challenge each other in person. Email totally sucks ass, because it's not a conversation. It's one way.

Not to say that being the office is always awesome either. In an undisciplined office environment, constant interrupts can ruin productivity. If everyone respects each other and trusts them to get the job done then it can be cool.

Comment: Typo AMD not ARM (Score 1) 1009

by whitelabrat (#42099039) Attached to: Is Intel Planning To Kill Enthusiast PCs?

Enthusiast ARM computer? Ha ha.

More seriously though how many folks who are "enthusiasts" upgrade CPU or mobo? I'm thinking they probably dump the pair together for an upgrade if they have that kind of money. So in my mind making the cpu a permanent part of the mobo makes sense and can lower cost as well. Sounds like a win to me.

An earlier post made a good point too. Gold has gotten really frick'n expensive. A SMT solder mount does away with that.

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