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Submission + - U-2 Caused Widespread Shutdown of US Flights out of LAX 2

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: Reuters reports that last week's computer glitch at a California air traffic control center that led officials to halt takeoffs at Los Angeles International Airport was caused by a U-2 spy plane still in use by the US military, passing through air space monitored by the Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center that appears to have overloaded ERAM, a computer system at the center. According to NBC News, computers at the center began operations to prevent the U-2 from colliding with other aircraft, even though the U-2 was flying at an altitude of 60,000 feet and other airplanes passing through the region's air space were miles below. FAA technical specialists resolved the specific issue that triggered the problem on Wednesday, and the FAA has put in place mitigation measures as engineers complete development of software changes,” said the agency in a statement. “The FAA will fully analyze the event to resolve any underlying issues that contributed to the incident and prevent a reoccurrence.” The U.S. Air Force is still flying U-2s, but plans to retire them within the next few years. The U-2 was slated for retirement in 2006 in favor of the unmanned Global Hawk Block 30 system, before the Air Force pulled an about-face two years ago and declared the Global Hawk too expensive and insufficient for the needs of combatant commanders.

Comment Re:The death of Last.fm? (Score 3, Informative) 334

I'm not sure what you mean by a "release group" but suspect you mean illegal distribution. The fingerprint is of the first few seconds of the audio of the file. A legal download from emusic or itunes or amazon has the same fingerprint.


Unless the RIAA subtly change the music to fingerprint every CD uniquely, and then track from the point of sale with your information and watch for that fingerprint on the internet. (Dang, haven't quite got the conspiracy theory thing down quite yet!)

Comment Re:The death of Last.fm? (Score 2, Insightful) 334

If the story is false, who will read TechCrunch again?
Actually, quite a few people, I guess. The attraction of this sort of thing for certain people is a "well known fact" as they say. It is relatively easy to post things and enjoy the notority they bring. I'm not saying it would ever happen on /., but you never know where else this might happen.

I'm not sure that using a TechCrunch story to verify a TechCrunch story is any sort of unbiased confirmation. Also, a picture of an email is not the type of "proof" that I'd be willing to accept from anyone I knew personally, let alone a provocative website.

Comment Re:Meh.. (Score 1) 258

Other features include a spell checker and auto updating.

Firefox had this years ago, seriously is this accurate, Opera just got these?

This is somewhat inaccurate. Opera has had spell check for some time. (Can't recall how long, sorry.) The new part is that checking is done in-line, as you type. (I think I prefer the spell check on demand version.)

As well, Opera will currently check for updates periodically. The new auto-update is done for you, without you needing to confirm the update. (Again, I think I prefer the old way.)

Comment Re:What's up with the Opera score? (Score 1) 371

Yeah, it's the fastest gets 10 points, no matter if the gap is huge, like Chrome on that V8 benchmark or almost non-existent like those flash crabs. I'd say Chrome should get the full ten on the V8 and the rest should have had some sort of prorating.

As someone said in this thread Opera bashing is always popular. If you comment that a great number of the Firefox addons are there to compensate for features that Opera has, but Firefox out-of-the-box lacks, you get modded to oblivion. Try saying that Chrome's tendancy to phone home is creepy. (Has that been fixed? I de-installed it as soon as I saw what was happening when I typed in the address bar and will not install it until that is off by default.)

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