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Journal Journal: A

A reddit comment inspired a bit of an interesting thought.

The question is. If you had a fast TM (FAST_TM) with a little bit of paper tape, and a slow TM (SLOW_TM) with a lot of paper tape, could you simulate FAST_TM on SLOW_TM? Could you trade off memory for speed to get a (close to realtime even) representation of FAST_TM on SLOW_TM?

I think this gets interesting if you ask for a SLOW_TM to have with an infinite ( |â| ) paper tape. As long as you could 'read state' into those tape cells fast enough you could have stories of state going back as far back as the FAST_TM has not been in a stable/idle state. In an idle state you could start to play catchup. Between idle state points you would be at some indeterminate point between where the last idle state was that you could play catch up, in effect you'll probably have a whole stack of possible state points(what is the computational complexity of catching up on this stack for the size of the stack STACKSIZE?). So the load % of FAST_TM would determine the average lag time between your successful modelling of it.

This suggests that you could probably get a probablistic chance of modelling the FAST_TM by just adding memory of (O(S)+O(T))t where S is the memory required to record one state, t is the time and O(T) is the amount of memory you spend transitioning from state to state. I'm guessing this would be hard to do so on cpus with little memory involved, ie there's a high constant factor, but once you're past this constant factor it gets relatively easy to do...but then again maybe it doesn't? I think the lower bounds for turing machines of certain memory capability in terms of size are very small and we haven't got a lot of proofs for them.

Now here's an idea for a new kind of machine: a FAST_TM simulated on a new kind of SLOW_TM, ie where SLOW_TM has a bounded amount of memory proportional to some % of possible outcomes. Let's call this SIM_TM_LB. SIM_TM_LB is going to have a lower busy beaver-like number than a regular TM of its size because there's a certain % of possible outcomes that cannot be simulated (that overflow the stack allowed). going to be some lower limit L 1 L(M) BB(M) that the largest program available on simulated-fast-cpu can run. Proving what that is would be interesting because as you expand M (again in relation to the load average ratio between the two, the state transition memory footprint T, and the FAST_TM state size S) you're also define a L(M) BB(M) which means you're defining a new kind of number let's say Î that seems to be related to \omega: it's \phi = \sigma_i 1/L(i). Why is Î important?

It's yet another way of looking at problems where you're dealing with something smarter than you are. It's where you're playing a game with god. Where you're having an argument with an oracle. It expresses all information that you can possibly acquire rather than what your opponent can possibly know. Or does it?

This suggest \psi s parameters are T and S. Are there any others?

Also: what happens if we start allowing stack overflows to transverse from TM to TM? This seems to build a new kind of machine, also that has potentially really weird properties.

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Journal Journal: It's by no means exhaustive 102
One great missing one is:

"The Man is Hiding the Stash" Fallacy
At Belmont Club, Richard Fernandez says of the Marxist Piven's philosophy:

The problem with Piven's theory is that events in Europe have shown those"âoemajor economic reform" to be unsustainable, if not actually ruinous. However, she appears to believe that the European crisis is only apparent, being the result of the Man hiding the Stash. Find that stash and things become sustainable again.

I think this fallacy deserves its own name because I think this is the central economic fallacy of leftists in general. Whether we are talking about unions, public workers, redistributionists, etc., there is always the implicit idea that somewhere there is this big pile of money that the rich business people are hoarding away like a squirrel with its winter store of nuts. Leftists tell everyone that all problems can be solved if we just use the force of the state to threaten the squirrels to give up their nuts.

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Journal Journal: The Stupid Fallacy 1

Prerequisites :

The Stupid Fallacy (named/discovered by Chris Rileyâ) Is-A Argument from Ignorance that includes an extra component:

Instead of merely being an argument that draws a conclusion from the *lack* of knowledge on a topic (and not in a bayesian-friendly way of enumerating possibilities and going from there, either) you have

  • (optional) empty platitudes that stand as non-truth functional filler in place of where premises would normally go followed by
  • a statement that is so utterly wrong and against nature/reason/good sense, that it's fractally wrong, and decompressing the argument against it would overflow any reasonable wanabe bayesian's attempt at both responding and adjusting their priors.

Why don't you like GMOs?

Who knows what chemicles they put in GMOs! They're probably dangerous! Besides, God tells me to not let my precious bodily fluids become tainted by GMOs. You have to believe me because my beliefs are not subject to logical fallacies, since you and I are both christians[1].

Why is this worth keeping around?

Because it's not just ignorance. It's recursive, or close to recursive ignorance. It's ignorance that requires disproportionate amounts of cognitive surplus available to dispel. You have to basically reconstruct an entire worldview relying on evidence rather than 'feelings' or 'blind belief in what my elders said' in order to get your point across.

[1] no really.

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Journal Journal: Is Uncle Choo-Choo Making His Move? 18

Hitlarious "Downfall" parody clip:
I still doubt that the FBI seizure of the email server is anything more than removing the scandal from public view. The only reason Archuleta at OPM was held accountable was that she had offended the People Who Matter. Plus a horde of People Who Really Only Matter In Aggregate But You'd Still Better Respect Them Or They Gonna Pout.
But could this be Joe Biden actually flexing some muscle in preparation for swooping in to run the show?
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Journal Journal: Let me get this straight 53

d_r and krustyjackwagon note that Senator Tom Cotton is in DC, and therefore is morally equivalent to everyone else there. Also, while a magna cum laude graduate of Hahvuhd, no cursory googling could turn up a transcript, so I guess Cotton's academic career is as faked as that of the No-Talent Rodeo Clown.
You guys are (a) the best, and (b) irrefutable. Keep Barabbas; chuck ol' Cotton. There is no alternative.
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Journal Journal: OK, joke's on me 10

I have no business being surprised that the usual /. suspects are
as sheepish on how stupid the Iran deal is
as they are sheepish on Planned Parenthood
as they are sheepish on anthropogenic global warming
as they are sheepish on pretty much everything else.
Sweet lambs!

Happiness is a hard disk.