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Comment: Wrong company for the Job (Score 1) 116

For some reason companies and individuals believe they can just jump right into ACA and develop a website that can meet all the requirements. That is not the case what so ever. Integrated Eligibility systems have been around for 2 decades, and there are teams that specialize in them. Just because it is a website, doesn't mean it is easy. You have historical legation that you must understand, then you have state specific customization on gray areas of the law.

These systems can range from 500k to 6 million lines of code. For a company to come in and produce the average, 3 million lines of code, within a year, including the entire SDLC process is insane. But that is what ACA was. The federal system had 3 years, but some of the states started late and only had 1 year from start to finish.

Summary: ACA was high risk, if you didn't know what you were doing.

Comment: Bias (Score 1) 637

by whitedsepdivine (#47615887) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: "Real" Computer Scientists vs. Modern Curriculum?
Everyone has a bias on what a true developer should be. You will not have the same interview for the same job title no matter what industry. Some managers will worry about how long it takes you to complete your work; Some managers will worry about the quality of work; If an architect interviews you they may care only about the design patterns you know; There is a Bias for everything. If your want to know a very low level language you need to know about memory management. If you want to use an abstracted language you should at least know it exists.

+ - How to deal with Racist Parents? 1

Submitted by whitedsepdivine
whitedsepdivine (1491991) writes "So my now ex-girlfriend's parents are racist, and the major contributing factor to our separation after 5 years was their inability to accept us. First messed up thing is, I am a complete catch. I am handsome, 159 IQ, graduated from the top 10 for my degree, and make $160k @ the age of 27, but I am white. She is Indian, more specifically, Parsi. The real messed up part is, the girl said she would want to marry me, but couldn't due to her [racist] parents. I know I can not be the first person to have this struggle, but maybe mine is just a bad one. Are there any literature out there for dealing with situations like this?"

+ - Additional validation requirements after online purchase->

Submitted by whitedsepdivine
whitedsepdivine (1491991) writes "Personally, I am very displeased with the new trend of having my purchases delayed online. I probably get it more than others since I travel for work, and ship to a different address from my billing address. Although, when I am trying to get something overnight-ed or expressed delivered and I get that annoying call or email that I have to provide more information it makes me furious. I have missed anniversary dates, and had to provide additional information to someone I really don't know or trust.

Finally I got sick of it and looked for a way out. It may not be the best way yet, but it is a fight against the agencies that are showing up just for these security checks. Additionally, it makes the whole system useless since anyone who is fraudulently using your card could just refer to these Operation Regulations.

Mastercard and Visa have rules prohibiting such additional requirements as requirements for a purchase. Items such as not limited to Social Security Number (or any part thereof), Fingerprint, Home or business address or telephone number, Driver's license number, Photocopy of a driver's license, Photocopy of the Visa Card or Visa Electron Card, and Other credit cards are all not required to make any purchase."

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Comment: Happened to me on American (Score 1) 1233

by whitedsepdivine (#44654167) Attached to: Don't Fly During Ramadan
I passed the second private screening, but American wouldn't let me fly. I bought a ticket on United, they actually helped me through security without purchasing a ticket as it was pending from my travel agency. I got to my destination, and told an American Manager they wouldn't let me fly from the previous city. The report said that it was because TSA denied me, I explained to her that if TSA denied me how am I here. They gave me a full refund for a non-refundable ticket.

Comment: Then you have the illegal is the only way (Score 1) 261

by whitedsepdivine (#44303431) Attached to: Piracy Rates Plummet As Legal Alternatives Come To Norway
I pay for Netflix + DVD, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime + rental, and will rent from Xbox Video. I am left with basic cable, as I do not have ownership of my that contract for where I live. If I want to watch the new season of Game of Thrones I will have to wait 1 year. This leaves me with illegal is the only way because of HBO.

Comment: I have both a Math and CS Degree (Score 1) 656

Discrete and Numerical Analysis are the only classes that I recommend. I am the Lead Architect of a Mega Scale project, and can honestly say I never use those advance method concepts. I do although recommend learning the thought process that comes along with those math classes. There are projects that use a lot of computations, but many don't. Try to learn the ideas behind it all, and then forget the formulas, you can always look them up.

Comment: Key Logger (Score 1) 510

by whitedsepdivine (#42505107) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should Employers Ban Smartphones?
There has been many projects that use statistics to create a remote key logger based off of sound or vibrations picked up by the acceleration of the phone. The sound and vibration in the table you make by typing actually can be used to figure out to a high accuracy what you typed. Meaning a virus in your phone could figure out where you work and your passwords. But also, they could use lasers to measure the vibration of the window to pick up the sound waves. Your screwed either way.

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