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Comment: Re:Time to shift focus to another kernel? (Score 1) 142

by whiteboy86 (#37320250) Attached to: Linux Kernel Moves To Github
ReactOS will catch, the work seams to be almost done anyway, they only need to reach XP compatibility and that will be enough for 90% of uses. In fact Linux is a moving target, you write a driver today and tomorrow it will not work because Linus in his infinite bazaarish wisdom decided to redesign and rename some parts of the code that you were interfacing with. Now ReactOS, if you have a driver for the WinXP scheme then it will work today and more imporantly it will work forever, thanks to well defined and stable interface.

Comment: Re:You haven't fooled me NASA! (Score 1) 269

by whiteboy86 (#37320058) Attached to: NASA Reveals New Images of Apollo Landing Sites
Yeah, those doubters will not be silenced by this, it doesn't look convincing enough, looks more like a bad photoshop job. Try harder NASA, this is crucial, we need to dismiss those confusions, more.. we need to annihilate any last shadow of a disbelief about the landing, otherwise it only makes things worse.

Comment: Re:Time to shift focus to another kernel? (Score 1) 142

by whiteboy86 (#37308630) Attached to: Linux Kernel Moves To Github
> Why is HAL such a good idea?

HAL and lack of standardised DDK is a major Linux turn away factor for many, sometimes you can't go 'open source' if 3rd party technologies and NDAs are involved. It would be more flexible to be able just optionally plug-in stuff without the hassle of sharing..

Comment: Time to shift focus to another kernel? (Score 1, Interesting) 142

by whiteboy86 (#37307936) Attached to: Linux Kernel Moves To Github
Linux kernel is very mature at this point, but some basic functionalities like HAL (hardware abstraction layer) are not present and not even planned. Linus is perhaps happy with the current 3.x state of Linux, but lots of people demand more.. I recently ventured to ReactOS website and have seen lots of activity in the SVN. This is maybe thanks to Google Summer of Code 2011 ReactOS involvement, lots of commits on daily basis in the trunk now, the project seams to be getting in motion again.

Comment: Re:Katrina, Irene (Score 1) 281

by whiteboy86 (#37267842) Attached to: Will Climate Engineering Ever Go Prime Time?
Once fusion or other excess power is viable, the abundance of energy combined with advanced automation and robotic technologies could easily enable even enormously large scale environmental projects that are out of reach today. For example large artificial ocean floating islands producing heat/cold/vapor could easily be manipulating atmospheric condition to prevent hurricanes... There is no doubt that there will be technology in the future that is capable to affect weather this way.

Comment: Re:IBM did the same (Score 1) 394

by whiteboy86 (#37240506) Attached to: Ex-Board Member Says HP Is Committing 'Corporate Suicide'
IBM is retaining some inertia because of old reputation, but that is fading, numbers seam to be stagnant at best, reality is that they are just another IT industry service man, no "big blue" anymore. It is like if Jobs sold Apple hardware division to China, focused on "software solutions" and then contemplated about being a smart exec to cut the low profit margin hardware level stuff.

Committees have become so important nowadays that subcommittees have to be appointed to do the work.