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Comment: Re:Thank God for Gov't Oversight (Score 1) 66

Oh shut the !@#$ up... It's all the government's fault, so you say. Yes. Bad corporate behavior is enabled by government. And I'm sure that without government around, they wouldn't have done it? B. !@#$ing S.

You need to go back and look at history some more to see what companies got up to when there wasn't government insight. There's a nice little historical place in my home state, a canyon that held a mine. The workers in that mine were not paid very well, and they had to rent their barracks, and they had to buy food and equipment from the company store at inflated prices. There was only one way out of this canyon... and it had a gatling gun covering it, that conveniently pointed inwards.

Now, I'm pissed as anyone else that I'd get years in prison if I stole this much, and let's not mince words here.... The phone companies STOLE, and someone should be in prison. But don't go blaming this on the !@#$ing government. That's just your own little petty hatred.

When the cops aren't doing their job well enough, the solution is NOT to get rid of cops! Criminals will self regulate! Suuuuuuuure. No. The solution is to get rid of the dirty cops and get some cops that will do their job. I hate this !!@#$ing "government bad, let's get rid of it!" mentality. That doesn't work, and it should be !@#$ing obvious to anyone with half a !@#$ brain.

Comment: Re:Hardly (Score 1) 237

countries migrate toward freedom, and we wack back that freedom if it suits us. Take Iran.... they went to nationalize their oil. The big oil company at the time, now BP, complained to the UK government. They complained to the U.S. We overthrew Iran's government and put the Shah in place.

Our strategy has nothing to do with Freedom, and everything to do with Economics.

Comment: Re:To think I once subscribed to this site (Score 1) 249

Oh !@#$ off..... The left assumes that the people that abuse the system are the people actually benefiting. Who abuses it more, welfare recipients or defense contractors? It sure looks like those defense contractors to me....

Really, we know people abuse the system. We're not morons. We just don't automatically assume it's the poor abusing the system.

Comment: Re:"If you have nothing to hide..." (Score 2, Insightful) 203

Have you ever noticed how some people say the government is out to get them? They get guns, they have a standoff with police, etc etc....

The difference of course is that the old white dudes are usually complaining about some imaginary slight and they are called patriots. They have a standoff and the cops usually show restraint. When poor inner city folks who actually do get crushed by the police regularly complain, well, they're just uppity thugs and vandals.... the cops move in, bash some heads, and it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

Nope, no double standard here!

Comment: economic interests (Score 3, Interesting) 80

" European businesses such as the giant aerospace and defense company EADS, best-known as the manufacturer of the Airbus planes, targeted, so were European politicians"

Why would you spy on private companies and your allies? The only reason that comes to my mind is economic gain... The NSA, etc serve economic interests, not safety.

Comment: Re: Earthworks, not robots... (Score 1) 124

by whistlingtony (#49499925) Attached to: Drought and Desertification: How Robots Might Help

Oregonian here.

What we NEED is colder winters. We save our winter snow in the snow pack on the mountains(By We, I mean it happens naturally). That melts in the summer, providing ample water for our rivers and hence for us. Our winters are getting warmer (Statistically speaking, everyone's winters are getting warmer) for some reason on a trend line, almost like a hockey stick, if only we knew what was going on....

Just in case anyone reading is stupid and doesn't get it, it's global warming, which I'll call Climate Change because some people are too stupid to understand that when you pump a bunch of energy into a closed system it creates lots of weird effects that are varied depending on local geography. More wind, more rain (Yeah, I live in a temperate rainforest thanks to an ocean and a mountain range), and even sometimes freak snow even though the global average temperature goes up.

Comment: Re:Shocked he survived (Score 1) 327

by whistlingtony (#49485365) Attached to: Gyro-Copter Lands On West Lawn of US Capitol, Pilot Arrested

" telling people that they're not allowed to say things during an election is a direct violation of the first amendment. Period."

Exactly! But..... Exxon Mobil is NOT a person. I don't feel guilty restricting the MONEY they spend.

Look at our political system. Congress needs money to get elected. They get huge campaign donations, with the implied threat of no more donations if they don't vote a certain way.

This needs fixing. How are you OK with this?

Comment: Re:Nerds care about politics too (Score 1) 676

by whistlingtony (#49463927) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

Power did a lot of work to get rid of Unions, because Unions were effective at raising wages. Sure, the choice between D and R is a stupid one... but there ARE other choices.

They take work though.... Why not go volunteer at the city or county level, try to make a difference. I do some political volunteering and it's possible to make a difference at the state level. Things filter up, but only if you get off your ass and help us....

Choice may be an illusion, but the lack of choice due to Apathy is clearly a choice for Power.

There is one way to find out if a man is honest -- ask him. If he says "Yes" you know he is crooked. -- Groucho Marx