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Comment: Re:How is that startling? (Score 0, Troll) 413

by whistlingtony (#48478857) Attached to: Mathematicians Study Effects of Gerrymandering On 2012 Election

Ha! He's butthurt because everyone knows Rs gerrymander, and now it's shown to effect elections. Of course it effects elections. That's. The. Point. "But both sides are doing it!" He says. Oh wait. No they're not. We're not hypocrites. You're just a blind tool.

If I'm wrong, please do show me this mass D gerrymandering that's going on.... Or did go on. I'll change my mind shown evidence... unlike someone around here...

Comment: Bogus Nuclear Summary (Score 1) 652

by whistlingtony (#48459207) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

The two google engineers in question found that if we cut off carbon emission TODAY (like, say, going nuclear) it would already be too late. They were advocating climate engineering, which is to say we need NOT ONLY a cuttoff of carbon emission, but also massive carbon CAPTURE.

The submitter apparently didn't even read the article this time. How Sad.

Comment: Re:MOD PARENT RACIST (Score 1) 1128

by whistlingtony (#48457415) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Racism in America is over people. We got a black president, everything's equal now. See? The comment above proves it. No More Racism. Phew... Well, glad we fixed that, on to global warming.

I'm very curious why so many people NEED to have this not be racism. They seem awfully defensive about it. I think it's because they don't want to admit the problem is still real, because that might mean they were part of the problem. Even the most racist of my Elders swears they're not racist, while making giant racist statements in public. "Now, I'm not a racist, but...."

America has a problem. Well, the whole world has a problem, but I live here damnit... And I've started to notice that little sneer people say when they talk about "liberals" and "progressives", as if wanting an equal playing field and a little justice and accountability is a bad thing.... What's wrong with you people?

Comment: Re:MOD PARENT RACIST (Score 1) 1128

by whistlingtony (#48457329) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

I haven't seen those statistics... Where might I find them? Somewhere other than your ass please? :D

Remember kids, we don't have the death penalty for robbery. If we did, a JUDGE hands it out, not the cops. Brown MAY have been an asshole, but we don't shoot people for that. I don't want to live in a country where the cops can shoot people and there are no consequences.

I'd cry about the morality of the age, but I think we've always been like this. I don't believe in "the good ole days" when people had more empathy for their fellow human beings.

What's wrong with you people? Why are you broken?

Comment: Re:Flip Argument (Score 1) 1128

by whistlingtony (#48456699) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

angry people shouting makes for better ratings than sad people marching peacefully. You should know by know that the media in America is after ratings, not truth. As to the video of Brown in the store? We don't give death penalties for being an asshole.

Cops have tasers for a reason.

Cops should have cameras on them at all times. It keeps the cops and the citizens more civil and more honest.

Comment: Re:MOD PARENT RACIST (Score 0) 1128

by whistlingtony (#48456661) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Hey Hairy Feet? Why is it bad to have empathy for people? Why are you making fun of people for caring about other people? What's wrong with you?

And why does your song automatically assume that non whites kill or steal? Why are you so scornful to women?

Why is it a bad thing to want justice in the world? Why is that a bad thing?

Comment: Re:MOD PARENT RACIST (Score 0) 1128

by whistlingtony (#48456653) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

blah blah blah blah.....

The problem isn't that Brown was black and Wilson was white. The problem is that cops keep killing black people. This isn't an isolated incident, and the people of Ferguson aren't marching because of one victim. This has been building for a LONG time. America still has a race problem. Anyone who thinks otherwise simply doesn't know what they're talking about.

I used to be one of the folks that said racism was dead. I used to be one of the folks who said the system was equal. Then I had experiences that showed me otherwise.

All this arguing serves for nothing. Those people that think racism is ended and all of this is just black people whining cannot be convinced. No one ever had an arguement and then stopped and said "Gosh, you're right, I've been wrong this whole time!". They (just like me back then) need to see this in themselves, in others, in the world.... Experience is the great teacher.

A boy is dead. He didn't have to die. Whatever he did or didn't do, he should not be dead. It keeps happening. Hell, it happens almost every week... and that's NOT an exaggeration. What happened in the last week? Oh yeah, that (completely innocent) dude shot in the stairwell by a rookie cop in NYC.

All this arguing back and forth is sad. A boy is dead. A human being died. Have some f'in respect people.....

Comment: Re:So basically (Score 5, Informative) 445

by whistlingtony (#48420427) Attached to: Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power

Ahem.... There were TWO bills, ONE of which was introduced by Jim Sensenbrenner, a republican in the House. I don't know how it started, and Sensenbrenner is the guy that helped WRITE the Patriot Act, who later said "oops". He gets credit for that in my book. Anyway, the HOUSE (R controlled) version went through committees and THAT version extended the Patriot act and didn't go far enough.

The OTHER bill was introduced by Patrick Leahy, a Dem in the Senate. THAT version was stronger, and THAT version unequivocally was BLOCKED by Republicans in the Sentate.

If you'd care to look for yourself... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U...

So, it seems you don't know what you're talking about....

Comment: Re:So basically (Score 1) 445

by whistlingtony (#48420119) Attached to: Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power

you know, that's actually not true. If everyone up and voted Independant, we'd have a radically different government. That Rs and Ds can scare us into voting for them, using each other to fear monger, is OUR failure.

This isn't the Government's fault. This is OUR fault. They stay in power through OUR stupidity and ignorance.

Comment: Re:We have one in the US, too (Score 1) 231

by whistlingtony (#48407279) Attached to: The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia
AC is complaining about washington. Meanwhile, if the government tried to do this, there'd be some dude ranting about death panels and socialism. I get that my cry of hypocracy isn't entirely accurate. We're all fed up with Washington (Meanwhile, how many independants were elected this midterm cycle? Oh, none?) and we all understand that Washington is filled with crony capitalists and bought politicians, with a few minor exceptions that I can count on one hand.... But that doesn't automatically mean we can safely assume that taking care of old people isn't the role of government....

Comment: Re:how does JavaScript work without computers? (Score 4, Funny) 112

by whistlingtony (#48393137) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who's the Doctors Without Borders of Technology?

" The problem is the corrupt officials that demand kickbacks for letting any of that happen, the religious fuckwits demanding medieval education and the racist cunts outraged that someone in another village may be trying to better themselves. [] But that's Africa for you."

Are you SURE that's just Africa? It sounds pretty familiar.

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