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by whistlingtony (#48420427) Attached to: Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power

Ahem.... There were TWO bills, ONE of which was introduced by Jim Sensenbrenner, a republican in the House. I don't know how it started, and Sensenbrenner is the guy that helped WRITE the Patriot Act, who later said "oops". He gets credit for that in my book. Anyway, the HOUSE (R controlled) version went through committees and THAT version extended the Patriot act and didn't go far enough.

The OTHER bill was introduced by Patrick Leahy, a Dem in the Senate. THAT version was stronger, and THAT version unequivocally was BLOCKED by Republicans in the Sentate.

If you'd care to look for yourself...

So, it seems you don't know what you're talking about....

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by whistlingtony (#48420119) Attached to: Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power

you know, that's actually not true. If everyone up and voted Independant, we'd have a radically different government. That Rs and Ds can scare us into voting for them, using each other to fear monger, is OUR failure.

This isn't the Government's fault. This is OUR fault. They stay in power through OUR stupidity and ignorance.

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by whistlingtony (#48407279) Attached to: The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia
AC is complaining about washington. Meanwhile, if the government tried to do this, there'd be some dude ranting about death panels and socialism. I get that my cry of hypocracy isn't entirely accurate. We're all fed up with Washington (Meanwhile, how many independants were elected this midterm cycle? Oh, none?) and we all understand that Washington is filled with crony capitalists and bought politicians, with a few minor exceptions that I can count on one hand.... But that doesn't automatically mean we can safely assume that taking care of old people isn't the role of government....

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by whistlingtony (#48393137) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who's the Doctors Without Borders of Technology?

" The problem is the corrupt officials that demand kickbacks for letting any of that happen, the religious fuckwits demanding medieval education and the racist cunts outraged that someone in another village may be trying to better themselves. [] But that's Africa for you."

Are you SURE that's just Africa? It sounds pretty familiar.

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by whistlingtony (#48392837) Attached to: Comcast Kisses-Up To Obama, Publicly Agrees On Net Neutrality

"There IS still the debate on whether Comcast is genuine on wanting net neutrality."

Uh.. no there isn't. They don't want net neutrality. They are NOT genuine on wanting it. There is no debate.

I also think you're a shill.... The internet WAS title II regulated, and started going downhill when we removed that regulation. Title II is simple, and not onerous, and we had a boom time in network upgrades and rollouts under it, because it forced the big guys to lease lines to the little guys at a fair price.

You sir, are a liar.

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by whistlingtony (#48392815) Attached to: Comcast Kisses-Up To Obama, Publicly Agrees On Net Neutrality

When Clinton was proposing to his health care fix back in the 90s..., the Republicans came up with this brilliant plan of using mandates to buy private insurance. Sound familiar?

From Wikipedia ... "An individual mandate to purchase healthcare was initially proposed by the politically conservative Heritage Foundation in 1989 as an alternative to single-payer health care. From its inception, the idea of an individual mandate was championed by Republican politicians as a free-market approach to health-care reform.[13][14] The individual mandate was felt to resonate with conservative principles of individual responsibility, and conservative groups recognized that the healthcare market was unique."

So, yes, some of us are a bit irked that the Great Hope passed a conservative health care reform bill.....

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by whistlingtony (#48392755) Attached to: Comcast Kisses-Up To Obama, Publicly Agrees On Net Neutrality

I should note, 80% spent on premiums would start a RIOT in other countries. They get pissed when the insurance companies are keeping 5% for "overhead". Our 20% is a joke.

It should be obvious to everyone that the only reason Republicans are opposed to the ACA is "Because Governement is bad!" and that they've gerrymandered their own districts so much that Ronald Reagan couldn't win a Republican primary any more... He's too far left!

Comment: No one mentions that they WERE common carriers (Score 1) 306

I like how NONE of the corporate owned media is saying that the internet WAS regulated under title 2 back in the day, and it KICKED ASS back then. I like how none of the corporate owned media is mentioning how awesome it was back in the dial up days since the phone companies HAD to lease their lines. I like how no one mentions the plethora of small independant ISPs we had, how real competition kept prices sane, and how even today you can probably find a couple of dial up ISPs in your neighborhood (shudder).

The internet prospered under Title 2. Put it back there.....

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by whistlingtony (#48353941) Attached to: President Obama Backs Regulation of Broadband As a Utility

1. uses for the internet change. That's not my problem...

2. I already paid for them to move bits. It shouldn't matter where they come from.

3. That's not my problem. See number two.

4. That's not my problem. See number two.

5. No they don't. You made that up.

6. That's also not my problem. See number 2. AGAIN.

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The idea of a large vs. small government goes all the way back to Hamilton and Jefferson. Don't try to tell us it's some newfangled idea that's overthrowing the Will Of The Founders. The Founders argued about this stuff all the time.

Further, don't try to make washington out to be Progressives. Washington's not progressive at all. Progressives would actually use the power of government to help people. FDR was a freak'in progressive. I can count real progressives in Washington on one hand.... And I'd have to look up a few names...

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by whistlingtony (#48303491) Attached to: Silicon Valley Swings To Republicans
Except the deficit is going down, so... How do you explain that? I think you just want to believe that Obama spends like no one else.

Go look at the deficits... As far as I can tell, under republican presidents we spend LOTS of money, and under democrat presidents we reign it in. Don't forget that under clinton we actually had a surplus. Look at the deficits under Obama. Look a the data, not what the TV is telling you...

Comment: I'm sick of this thread and sick of all of you (Score 4, Interesting) 330

I'm sick of this thread, and I'm sick of all of you. You're all petulant children throwing tantrums. These comments aren't even worth reading. They're all just more of the same bashing without any substance or actual discussion.

This is INTERESTING and you're all too busy throwing out tropes that any honest actor would dismiss as ad hominem attacks to actually discuss this. Conservatives react slightly stronger to disgusting images. We know this of course. This has been theorized and shown before. Of course, a more liberal person will have different areas light up too.

This means there's a very real perception filter difference happening here, and perhaps we need to extend a little empathy across the quite imaginary isle and try to TALK to one another.

No. Liberals do not want to laze around and let the government do everything for them. No. Conservatives do not want perpetual war. No. Liberals do not want other people to pay for their stuff. No. Conservatives do not blame unions and immigrants for everything. You people should KNOW these simplistic tropes are full of it, and here they are flung around as if true.

I'm liberal. My best friend is conservative. When we listen to each other, really listen instead of hearing what the TV wants us to hear from each other, we can have very nice discussions about economics and the world. We both want bankers punished for what they did. We both want the economic system to be regulated. We both want clean air and water. We both want to get the !@#$ out of the middle east. We both want to live in a country that's fair and just. Our differences are far less than our similarities.

Bah. I'm ranting.... this is interesting science and all of you completely missed it in an attempt to sling shit all over. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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