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Comment: Re:No surprises here (Score 1) 118

by whistlingtony (#47539911) Attached to: AP Computer Science Test Takers Up 8,000; Pass Rate Down 6.8%

You failed... 40,000 test takers. 8,000 of them were new. extra 7% fail rate. Ahem. More people passed than before. The new students more than make up for the increased fail rate.

But you didn't even look did you? You had your conclusion all ready to go, why bother looking to see if it was correct?

Comment: Re:Inconceivable! (Score 1) 118

by whistlingtony (#47539845) Attached to: AP Computer Science Test Takers Up 8,000; Pass Rate Down 6.8%

Yes. Because the Democratic Party is in charge of colleges...

Also, you misspelled "collage" and "waist". You used the wrong tense in "was not". Oh... the phrase "schools who benefits many children" just gives me hives. You used the wrong "there".

You also failed math. There were 8000 new students out of approximately 40,000 students. Even with a 7% decrease in pass rate, there are LOT more students passing....

You also failed at reading comprehension, since this is AP level classes... which are taken in High School, and grant college credits, and hence has nothing to do with affirmative action in colleges. Your whole rant is ... Derptastic.

Did you go to a charter school?

Man I hope that was written to be Ironic and Clever, but I just can't TELL any more...

Comment: Re:But what IS the point they're making? (Score 1) 310

1. Actually, we ARE destroying the system. What used to be a prairie, with multiple species of grass, grazing fauna, birds, bugs, etc, is now a corn field. What was a thousand different critters is now ... 100? 10? Take that example, and put it all over the world. Yes, there are microbes living in volcanic vents in the ocean, that doesn't mean it's a robust ecosystem.

2. So, they anthropomorphized the ecosystem. The principle matters though. The more diversity, the more the system as a whole can deal with shocks. Less diverse systems don't deal well with problems. It's a basic tenet of ecology..... See number 1.

Comment: Re:You have outed yourself as an Obamabot (Score 1) 242

by whistlingtony (#47520145) Attached to: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

If race doesn't matter, why was it neccesary to bring out his middle name? Hussein? You're assuming I meant racist against black, but frankly, we're not facing a lot of racism against those of middle eastern descent. yeah. Barack HUSSEIN! Obama!

As for the incidents of white christian shootings, have you been paying attention to the news? They don't get labeled terrorists. They get labeled fringe lone incidents... The latest was the recent couple that shot everything up and then shot themselves...

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by whistlingtony (#47519725) Attached to: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

1. Why is Timothy McVeigh NOT a terrorist? He was trying to force change, through terror. Hence, a Terrorist. Let's face it, we've had a rash of White Conservative Christian types shooting up malls lately, to force change. They're terrorists. I'm much more likely to get shot at by a a white conservative christian type than I am a muslim extremist, so.... Both are bad, but lets spread the blame around fairly.

2. Oh, shut up about the Barak Hussein McCarthy bull. You sound perfectly reasonable until you pin all the blame on him. This shit started a while ago, and is growing. It won't go away when Obama is out of office. It didn't start with him, and it won't END with him. He's just a pawn.... A complicent pawn, a GUILTY pawn, but keep your blatant stupid racist bullshit to yourself.

3. The press is is bed with the government. Whoever is president next, even assuming it's Rand Paul, do you think the press will do anything the white house tells them not to? Give me a break....

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by whistlingtony (#47519673) Attached to: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

This suggests a very fun way to fight back. We could all just start snitching on each other left and right until EVERYONE is on the list.

An alternative is to start fingering our elected representatives. I heard Wyden was having meetings with Terrorists, and I'm pretty sure I saw Merkeley come out of a mosque once... Etc....

Comment: Re:it's about immigration, stupid (Score 1) 529

"And I'm admitting all of this as a die-hard Democrat!" Don't forget racist. You're that too.

I'm the son of an Immigrant from Switzerland. I have the benefit of being white.... My grampa had an accent so thick he could barely be understood by non family members when he spoke English. I'm the first person with my family name to be born in America. I'm an American. I look like an American. I think like an American.... The people raised here are American, through and through.

Blaming the (rather imaginary, violent crime is WAY down) problems of your society on "Foreigners" is one of the oldest and saddest things we do as Humans.

Really. Violent crime is down. Look it up. There is no pox. There are no ghettos of civilized Americans. No one is overrunning anything. Calm down and stop being a xenophobic and racist ass.

I would also say that the people that turned Central America (how is Mexico seperate from Central America? Or did you mean South America? Idiot... ) and Africa into hellholes was..... US! America the beautiful, land of the free and home of the brave, has a history of overthrowing governments and propping up dictators. If Honduras is a shithole, it's OUR fault. Etc etc etc..

Also, the drug problem is real... but no market exists without customers. The drugs made in central and south america are snorted up OUR noses. We are to blame for that too. They wouldn't make 'em, if we didn't buy 'em.

So, basically, You're full of it.

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We borrowed money to pay for bailing out the banks that caused the whole financial mess, and we borrowed to go into two incredibly stupid wars.

So... why COULDN'T we just roll out a Marshall Plan for our middle class? That sounds like an eminently better idea than what we DID do...

It pretty much sounds like exactly what we DID do. We (the U.S. government) borrowed money, and used it to put people back to work making bridges, dams, roads, etc. So, No, the idea that government regulation made the post war economic boom is NOT ridiculous.

As a fine example, we had no serious financial meltdowns under the Glas-Steagal act. When we repealed that, magically, we had a giant boom.... and a following bust. Weird...

You need to read your history more before you start calling other people's ideas bullshit.

Comment: Re:Free market economy (Score 4, Insightful) 529

Uh... There's been plenty of Union busting, plenty of new free trade treaties, and plenty of wall street deregulation. Certainly there's been no love for Unions. Free Trade Treaties? Since we already deregulated the banking industry to stupidity, we TRIED to re-regulate, and now even Dodd and Frank acknowledge that the Dodd-Frank act is toothless.

Where have YOU been?

Also, yeah, you missed a President there chuckles.... How Convenient.

Comment: Re:Free market economy (Score 4, Insightful) 529

I'll let you know when he actually starts changing something. So far, it's been pretty "Hopey" and not a lot of "changey".

It annoys me when conservatives get up in arms about Obama, who is basically just keeping Bush policies steady. Yes, even the recent migrant kids thing is a Bush policy. sigh.

At least Liberals hate him for REAL reasons... Basically that he hasn't been very "Changey".

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