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Comment: Re:it's about immigration, stupid (Score 1) 513

"And I'm admitting all of this as a die-hard Democrat!" Don't forget racist. You're that too.

I'm the son of an Immigrant from Switzerland. I have the benefit of being white.... My grampa had an accent so thick he could barely be understood by non family members when he spoke English. I'm the first person with my family name to be born in America. I'm an American. I look like an American. I think like an American.... The people raised here are American, through and through.

Blaming the (rather imaginary, violent crime is WAY down) problems of your society on "Foreigners" is one of the oldest and saddest things we do as Humans.

Really. Violent crime is down. Look it up. There is no pox. There are no ghettos of civilized Americans. No one is overrunning anything. Calm down and stop being a xenophobic and racist ass.

I would also say that the people that turned Central America (how is Mexico seperate from Central America? Or did you mean South America? Idiot... ) and Africa into hellholes was..... US! America the beautiful, land of the free and home of the brave, has a history of overthrowing governments and propping up dictators. If Honduras is a shithole, it's OUR fault. Etc etc etc..

Also, the drug problem is real... but no market exists without customers. The drugs made in central and south america are snorted up OUR noses. We are to blame for that too. They wouldn't make 'em, if we didn't buy 'em.

So, basically, You're full of it.

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We borrowed money to pay for bailing out the banks that caused the whole financial mess, and we borrowed to go into two incredibly stupid wars.

So... why COULDN'T we just roll out a Marshall Plan for our middle class? That sounds like an eminently better idea than what we DID do...

It pretty much sounds like exactly what we DID do. We (the U.S. government) borrowed money, and used it to put people back to work making bridges, dams, roads, etc. So, No, the idea that government regulation made the post war economic boom is NOT ridiculous.

As a fine example, we had no serious financial meltdowns under the Glas-Steagal act. When we repealed that, magically, we had a giant boom.... and a following bust. Weird...

You need to read your history more before you start calling other people's ideas bullshit.

Comment: Re:Free market economy (Score 4, Insightful) 513

Uh... There's been plenty of Union busting, plenty of new free trade treaties, and plenty of wall street deregulation. Certainly there's been no love for Unions. Free Trade Treaties? Since we already deregulated the banking industry to stupidity, we TRIED to re-regulate, and now even Dodd and Frank acknowledge that the Dodd-Frank act is toothless.

Where have YOU been?

Also, yeah, you missed a President there chuckles.... How Convenient.

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I'll let you know when he actually starts changing something. So far, it's been pretty "Hopey" and not a lot of "changey".

It annoys me when conservatives get up in arms about Obama, who is basically just keeping Bush policies steady. Yes, even the recent migrant kids thing is a Bush policy. sigh.

At least Liberals hate him for REAL reasons... Basically that he hasn't been very "Changey".

Comment: Re:Gots to find more ways to avoid taxes (Score 1) 525

by whistlingtony (#47472773) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate

How about "if the cops aren't working, lets reform them instead of getting rid of them." Yes, our government is out of control. liberal and conservative both agree on this. Conservatives just seem to have this idea that pruning it down will magically solve all the corruption and chicanery going on. It won't. Us liberals want to make government work for US again. What's so wrong with that idea, at it's heart?

You should listen to what liberals actually say instead of what the right tells you they say.

I'd also listen to conservatives more if they actually went out and protested the bank bailouts... they griped, but never seemed to actually manage to try to do anything about it. Oh, but social safety nets? Those have to be cut right away, lets protest!

Comment: withdrawing from a bank (Score 1) 525

by whistlingtony (#47468319) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate

I don't "bank" with any banks... I bank with a credit union, for that express reason. How about you?

There are people who refuse to pay a portion of their taxes because it goes to war funds, and they think that's murder, and is against their deeply held religious beliefs. These actual real Christians are called Quakers, and no one pays attention to them, which is a shame. I also know a guy that hates what the US government does, so he purposely doesn't make any money so he doesn't have to pay taxes. He's a neat guy..... but these are anecdotes, not the average.

People who don't want to pay taxes, who rail against government, usually take for granted all that they get from living in a civil society. You drove to work on public roads. Your kids go to public school, your electricity works, your sewer works, your water flows when you turn the tap on. You are protected by police and fire departments. The businesses around you couldn't operate without courts and uniform laws. If you want an example of small government and freedom, go see Somolia. See how well that turns out.... They're super free to do whatever the local warlord tells them to do.

Comment: Re:Gots to find more ways to avoid taxes (Score 3, Insightful) 525

by whistlingtony (#47466045) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate

The free market is imaginary. Show me one. Anywhere on earth. Anywhere. Find me a free market, a market unfiddled by a large organization (government or private, doesn't matter).

The free market is like a frictionless wheel. It's useful to explain some concepts, but it's NOT REAL.

No, the government cannot come bulldoze your house on a whim. Calm down. It COULD use emminent domain, possibly... But then, the bank could decide to mess up some paperwork and forclose on your house despite your ability to pay. Frankly, both of these have happened. They're also RARE AS SHIT and cause a shit storm in the news when they DO happen.

Power is always going to exist. I can run a campaign against my government. I can do lots of things to stop my governemnt. I can't do shit against a bank except ask politely.....

And Seriously? The US Armed forces? Stop hyperbolizing... Both the bank and the governemnt will just call the cops. You're not cool enough to call in the military.

Comment: Re:Gots to find more ways to avoid taxes (Score 2) 525

by whistlingtony (#47466003) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate


1. What is up with all y'all and "socialism"? No one's asking for socialism. No one's handing out socialism. There's no F'in socialism! !@#$

2. We're a mixed economy. Seriously. Everyone needs to look these terms up in a dictionary. Everyone. Go look up Socialism and Mixed Economy.

Comment: Re:How do you solve a problem that doesn't exist? (Score 1) 385

1. Data Adjustments. Look at your own link. Look at the graphs. If NOAA is adjusting a data point DOWNWARD by .13degrees Fahrenheit... I... This does not point to massive falsification. You often have to adjust data due to instrument drift. One point does not make a trend. Neither does two, not in that many data points. History is NOT constantly being revised....

2. I really don't care about your last 18 year thing. Lots of data sets show a flat in the last decade (within a HUGE upwards trend over the last 100ish years). You can't cherry pick a decade within a century and call it the norm.

3. I'll look at this. He seems to be published, and have some decent scientific chops. Alas, some of the first google hits on him come up with how he's ... wrong.,, and it even looks like the site you linked to had some questions about his predictions... At a cursory glance, it looks like he's working qualitatively instead of quantitatively, and it looks like he's pretty much just cutting and pasting old data into new data and calling it a prediction... ? So, basically, No, he's not more accurate. He's wrong. He's also a geologist, which is like asking my electrician to fix my plumbing.... Anyway.

You're wrong. It took me 5 minutes to look at your data and find it to be, not just holey, but flat out wrong.

Comment: Re: How do you solve a problem that doesn't exist? (Score 1) 385

Yeah. Relativity is just a Theory guys.... There's still debate! I know this guy, who knows a guy, who totally says it's not legit. Why haven't we heard from him! There's a conspiracy! Just because he's not a fancy "scientist". Because he's not an "expert" in their Ivory Tower. We should teach the controversy man.....

Science grows. We continue to discover new principles about the way the universe works, and new nuances every day.... but yes, some science is settled. We can predict what happens when we put two chemicals together. We can predict what will happen if we put two bodies next to each other in a frictionless environment. We know how a LOT of things work, and just because we're still discovering how things work, doesn't mean that many basic principles are not agreed on.

Comment: Re:How do you solve a problem that doesn't exist? (Score 1) 385

There IS no debate. No one is name calling, but I can start if you'd like. Please show me these faked studies. Please show me this manipulated data. Please. Where is it?

There are links in THIS discussion where you can go play with the raw data sets.... Perhaps you should?

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