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+ - How to get a project coded?

Submitted by whistlingtony
whistlingtony (691548) writes "Hello world!

Heh. Sorry.

So, I had an idea for a piece of software that I wanted coded. Unfortunately, it's been years since I touched that stuff. I'm beyond rusty. I'd really like for the thing to see the light of day, but...

How can one go about hiring a programmer? A quick google search turned up a couple of websites, but they seemed... sketchy. I find it ironic that a programmer might know of such a website, but a non programmer who would want to use it probably would not.

My Idea:
I hate facebook. I hate it with a passion. Still, I'd like to put up an online journal website for friends and family to check up on me. I'd prefer to run it myself. I don't want to deal with huge config files. I don't want to write HTML. I'm 31 now. I just want my software to work.

I'd like to have a web server written for me in Python. I enjoy python and once the thing is written, then I could tinker and poke at it.

I'd like for me to have some folders. In the "Front Page" folder would text files. The web server would put those up as updates to the main page. Other folders would have text and pictures in them, and those would be links from the main page. I'd like to keep it simple, no flash or moving objects or anything.

Eventually I'd like to move it to HTML5 so videos could be posted in the same manner.

That's it really. A simple web server that creates pages based on the text and picture content of folders and organized by folders. A bare minimum configuration file, preferably none at all. I want it programmed in Python. Preferably, I'd want everything served up in HTML5. I'd also want the rights to open source the thing.

I have money. How do I give it to someone to do this?

-Tony Diethelm
Hater of Facebook"

+ - I need a language agnostic book on pseudocoding 1

Submitted by whistlingtony
whistlingtony (691548) writes "Hi all,

I am not a programmer, but have a smattering of programming knacks in various languages picked up over the years. One of the best things I learned was that going through and doing pseudocode makes everything so much easer and cleaner. Once that's written down everything else is just language specifics. I'm looking for a good book that is language agnostic and deals strictly with the practice of pseudocoding. I can't find one that seems good. Can anyone recommend one to me?



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