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Comment: Re:Except it isn't 3D... (Score 1) 594

by whistler36 (#33485774) Attached to: The Joke Known As 3D TV

This will never be in a movie theater. How will that work? 300 people in a room with no chairs (so they can walk around), everybody constantly moving and bumping in to each other to find the best spot. You're on one side and someone on another side laughs - at what? Everyone rushes over there to see. How distracting, like a mosh pit or something. No, I want to sit still in my chair and have the main points displayed to me. I don't want to wonder if the guy 10 feet from me is seeing a different movie. I can see what you are saying about moving your head slightly and seeing parallax change but I'm talking sight head movement. Not 'Real' 3d.

Comment: Control (Score 1) 421

by whistler36 (#33485418) Attached to: Ideas For a Great Control Room?

You need to have control, and lots of it. Everybody, everything. Have loudspeakers that constantly blast out things like "This is the control room, baby! Let's have some control here!". Hire some dude to stand around with his arms crossed just staring at people. Occasionally he asks "What the heck do you think you are doing, mister?", then nods sternly and wanders off.

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