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Comment: Re:Automate Out (Score 1) 265 265

Thank you, I did. I only have my baby toe dipped into the IT world now in an business ownership role. Good to know there are still people out there that haven't worked in IT long enough to realize that IT IS NOT A CRAFT and you will never perfect anything and will continue to have to learn things that don't mean a pile a beans just a couple of years later. Great gig for me in my 20's, not so much in my 40's and approaching 50's. I'm old school IT and done with it. Enjoy. *

Comment: "right-wing militarism"??? (Score 1) 726 726

"right-wing militarism"??? Civil War started by Southern Democrats - American deaths = 620,000 WWI - War declared by a Democrat - Woodrow Wilson - American deaths = 116,000 WWII - War declared by a Democrat - Franklin Delano Roosevelt - American deaths = 405,000 Korea - War declared by a Democrat - Harry Truman - American deaths = 53,000 Vietnam - War declared by a Democrat - Lyndon Baines Johnson - American deaths = 58,000

Always look over your shoulder because everyone is watching and plotting against you.