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Comment: Don't believe the hype (Score 1) 140 140

I read this books after a local bookseller recommended it. This is _not_ a good book, the jacket compares this series to Tolkien and Harry Potter, and this is a huge overstatement. Her mother (the main antagonist) is a direct rip off from the villain in 101 Dalmatians. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone older than 12. This author may be someone to watch in the future, but don't waste your time on this series.

Goofy story, totally unbelievable, choppy and incoherent. The armored bear is neat, but plays a relatively small part in this elementary pointless story.

There are so many good sci-fi fantasy books available, and this book is not one of them.

The author tries hard to captivate the reader by twisting the motives of the characters in the middle of the story. There is absolutly no reward for finishing this book.

I wouldn't be so adamantly opposed to this book if the publisher didn't compare it to so many great books.

"If you like wasting your time reading half hearted empty stories about character you don't care about, you'll love this book." - whatisausername99

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