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Comment: Re:if there is no evidence presented in how they.. (Score 2) 48

And how many times has the traffic stop been bogus?

Your tail light is out... (It was not out and I had the wiring checked)

You were swerving in your lane... (Louisiana used this one while the state had forfeiture laws. That was until they pulled over a reporter from a Dallas TV station)

I have been stopped for doing 56 in a 55. Think about that, speedometers are not even that accurate.

I friend of mine that is a cop once told me that he could pull anyone over at any time. Why? Because there are 1000's of traffic laws and you are breaking one every time you drive. When I asked which one I was breaking as we were driving down the street he responded "You are not preceded by a man caring a red flag." Seems the law was and may still be on the books from the early 1900's.

Comment: Re:DOCUMENTS? (Score 1) 250

by Jeremiah Cornelius (#48620425) Attached to: Sony Demands Press Destroy Leaked Documents

>The documents DEMAND that the the press DESTROY SONY!

Is this a joke that whooshed over my head, or are you hopped up on something? I'm thinking it's probably the former.

Information wants to be free. Sony demands. Anthropomorphism requires.

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Comment: Re:I am wondering (Score 2) 295

by Anon-Admin (#48596139) Attached to: French Cabbies Say They'll Block Paris Roads On Monday Over Uber

That would be different based on the city and state (US)

A friend drove a cab for years and around here that is not how it works. The cab company rents the cabs to the drivers at a set amount per day. The driver can accept jobs that come in across the computer but there will be a small handling charge that is built into the price per mile printed on the side of the cab and used in the meter. If they pick up some one who flags them down or some one who calls their Cell and requests a pickup then there is no handling charge.

The friend of mine that did it treated it like a small business. He had cards made with his cell on them and kept his car immaculately clean. After the first year 90% of his calls were from customers and word of mouth. He would also give discounts to his regulars. Really the discounts were nothing more than him deducting the handling fee from the printed cost.

Comment: Re:Is it more difficult? (Score 1) 241

by Anon-Admin (#48585385) Attached to: Is Enterprise IT More Difficult To Manage Now Than Ever?

IThe problem with IT's reputation is that it is a cost center

Next time a manager points that out to you, ask them where it comes from. Oh look it comes from Accounting and they are a cost center as well. Oh and so is Marketing,

There are lot and lots of examples where IT was divided off the business and the department began billing all the other departments for the work preformed. In every one of those instances IT becomes one of the biggest profit centres in the company. It is amazing what happens when the IT department has to be paid for the services provided.

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