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+ - Solution to stream live video from phone

Submitted by symgym
symgym (1871786) writes "Looking for a secure method to broadcast live video (plus archiving video) from mobile device to many mobile devices. Service such as QIK, Livestream and Ustream all have gaps in their solutions. QIK mobile devices cannot play until broadcaster ends broadcast. Livestream app does not support the password security that the website offers, Livestream had many connectivity issues.

VLS appears promising however finding info on this particular solution is camouflaged by solutions to stream from phone SD card (wifi only), streaming from server to phone, etc. I have browsed hundreds of pages and can't pin down a phone->many phone live broadcast solution.

So I ask the Slashdot community, do you have any leads to this solution?"
Open Source

+ - Open Sauce Foundation; Freedom From The Condiments of Intellectual Tyranny->

Submitted by
TekTek writes "In response to the growing proliferation of the use of “secret sauce” as a vehicle for entrepreneurs’, venture capitalists’, and investment bankers’ thinly veiled proprietary machinations, a global consortium of premium condiment manufacturers has launched the Open Sauce Foundation (OSF). Founding members include McIlhenny Company (producer of Tabasco brand pepper sauce), Huy Fong Foods (producer of “Rooster Brand” Sriracha sauce), and Kikkoman (producer of Kikkoman brand Soy Sauce). The new foundation’s stated aim is not only to uphold the virtues of buying worthy sauce manufacturers’ products, but to demonstrate to the tech, financial, and media communities that “Open” companies, and condiments, can, and do, assume leadership roles in their respective markets."
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Google News Sci Tech: Japan launches new spy satellite - Deutsche Welle->

From feed by feedfeeder

Deutsche Welle

Japan launches new spy satellite
Deutsche Welle
Japan has launched two satellites into outer space, one of which is meant to improve the country's intelligence-gathering capabilites. This comes a month after North Korea tested a long-range missile. The two satellites were launched into space from Japan's ...
Japan Launches Two Intelligence Satellites for National SecurityBloomberg
Reconnaissance satellites launched by H-2A rocketSpaceflight Now
Japan launches 2 intelligence satellitesHuffington Post
The News International
all 21 news articles

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+ - Ask Slashdot: Best pay-as-you-go plan for text and voice only? 1

Submitted by sconeu
sconeu (64226) writes "My wife uses an assistive communciation device. She wants to use it for SMS texting... We currently have Verizon, so we don't have a SIM. The computer will take a SIM. I'm looking for a pay-as-you-go plan where I can take the SIM from a cheap phone and put it in her computer. Any suggestions?"

+ - Hospital pays US$2,855.61 per day for nurse ..->

Submitted by dgharmon
dgharmon (2564621) writes "NHS hospitals are hiring agency nurses at rates of up £1,800 a day in a bid to plug dangerous staff shortages, an investigation has found. The bill for temporary workers has risen by more than 20 per cent in just one year, with private agencies receiving more than seven times the rate paid to nurses on the pay roll."
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+ - Patent Troll Stikes Back: X-Plane on Android hit by Uniloc lawuit->

Submitted by StarTuxia
StarTuxia (2767965) writes "Austin Meyer, developer of the successful multi-platform simulation X-Plane hit by a lawsuit from a patent troll, and instead of sitting back and paying up he has decided to fight and has also setup a petition on the US government website and it needs signatures."
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Comment: Did anybody factor security in the cost ? (Score 1) 901

by what about (#35276518) Attached to: German Foreign Office Going Back To Windows

Nobody knows what is in the windows updates.... (beside maybe some Microsoft employee)
I would think that a gov. body should consider security as a top priority !
(Is anybody concerned that one day all WIndoze machines just stop and the whole department is stuck ?)

Also, even assuming the TCO is the same Win-Linux (I do not believe this) but instead of shipping money to Redmond you keep them in Germany, something a government should think about, or not ?

There can be a simpler explanation, as usual, a Microsoft representative visited a key person and explained the advantages to switch back to Microsoft.
(Any of you may just guess who will gain the most for the switch back)

Comment: Re:There is no space in ICT for individuals (Score 1) 290

by what about (#35135546) Attached to: Takedown Letters For WP7 <em>Tetris</em> Clones

Yeah, sure.... trying to impress ?
Seriously, it is at least 20 years that no new concept has come out of ICT.
Packet transmission is as old as X.25 and Ham packet radio
Languages :-) .... beside the latest buzzword bingo no new concept... nice idea "functional programming" but who wants it ?
The web... twitter... ever had a BBS ?
Now, the new great buzzword, ipad iphone programming, new concept ? naaa
The difference between REST and POST, SOAP ... are you kidding ? they are variations on client server programming
Not to talk about DB... that is the same starting from the old times...
VIrtualization ? (look at IBM zservers, they had it for ages !!)
Something that may have changed a bit in the last 20 year is more encryption, I concede that...

The point is you do not live with concepts (ask to somebody teaching math) you need to SELL them and to do that you need to know DETAILS of ever new and changing stuff. Nice the first 10 years of your careers, then you think, wow, I spend quite some time learning and nobody pays me anything... wow.
Anyway, keep up !!

Comment: There is no space in ICT for individuals (Score 1) 290

by what about (#35135280) Attached to: Takedown Letters For WP7 <em>Tetris</em> Clones

I am a small consultant, finding work is more and more difficult.
Big companies do not consider me since I am too small, small companies have not much cash left for ICT and when they spend they wish to have "guarantees" that I cannot give...
Yes, someone made some money on ipad or android market, what is the probability that you are one of the lucky ones ?
Add the fact that every year half of the knowledge you had is just become useless and ...
The constant threat to be offsourced to china or india and...
The increasing litigation for the most obvious ideas...
I am amazed that anybody take up a job in computing :-)

Comment: Re:Interesting remark on IPv6 (Score 1) 62

by what about (#35077560) Attached to: DDoS Attacks Exceed 100 Gbps For First Time

Requests are signed using agreed passwords between the ISP and the WEB server.
(That means exchanging authentication tokens before the crisis)
So, the request cannot be faked.
(Not all ISP need to participate and also not all web server need to participate, just the biggest )

Only a specific client can be shut off. The web server can easily identify it by TCP source IP (no dialog can happen otherwise)
No faking is possible for the botnet, it is up to web server policies to decide when to shut a client off at the source.

The key point is shutting the bot clients off at the source !

It does work, believe me.

Comment: Interesting remark on IPv6 (Score 1) 62

by what about (#35070514) Attached to: DDoS Attacks Exceed 100 Gbps For First Time

Two things are interesting in the article
1) Firewalls are an easy target since stateful inspection table can be easily overflowed
2) Ipv6 is not something that helps the issue (I suspect the huge addressing space does no help, so is more crypto provisioning)

The only solution I see is for web sites to have an agreement with providers in the world whereby they can request a specific IP to be blocked to route to a specific web-site (for a limited period, obviously)
The magic should be done by means of automatic block request sent by the website to the offending IP source ISP..


Company Seeks To Boost Linux Game Development With 3D Engine Giveaway 140

Posted by Soulskill
from the for-services-rendered dept.
binstream writes "To support Linux game development, Unigine Corp. announced a competition: it will give a free license for its Unigine engine to a seasoned team willing to work on a native Linux game. The company has been Linux-friendly from the very start; it released advanced GPU benchmarks (Heaven, Tropics, Sanctuary) for Linux before and is working on the OilRush strategy game that supports Linux as well."

FedEx Misplaces Radioactive Rods 165

Posted by Soulskill
from the sign-here-for-your-tumors-sir dept.
Hugh Pickens writes "A shipment of radioactive rods used in medical equipment has vanished while being sent by FedEx from North Dakota to Tennessee. Based on tracking information, FedEx is focusing its search in the Tennessee area, but as a normal precaution the company alerted all of its stations 'in the event that it got waylaid and went to another station by accident.' Dr. Marc Siegel says if someone opens the container it could pose some serious health risks. 'I don't believe it has the degree of radiation that, if it were opened, your skin would suddenly slough off. But the concern would be, if this got opened inadvertently and someone didn't know what it was and then was repeatedly exposed to it over several days, it could cause a problem with radiation poisoning,' says Siegel. 'The people that use this equipment in a hospital use protective shielding with it.' The lesson is that active medical material must always be transported in a way that ensures the general public cannot get access to it. 'Medical devices should not be FedExed. They should be sent under a special service,' adds Siegel."

Woz Says Android Will Dominate 416

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the staring-into-the-crystal-ball dept.
cloudcreator writes "Woz [said] that Android smartphones, not the iPhone, would become dominant, noting that the Google OS is likely to win the race similarly to the way that Windows ultimately dominated the PC world." Update: 11/19 04:54 GMT by T : Apparently, Woz's words were taken slightly out of context.

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