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by weweedmaniii (#47788761) Attached to: Should police have cameras recording their work at all times?
"so long as they can be switched off or set aside as soon as the officer goes off duty and resumes being a private citizen." Sure thing. Is that like a sergeant I served with in the Army, if we got pissed off and wanted to take Sarge on we'd go behind the barracks, he take his hat & top off and say I'm just a guy come at me. Worked great for a while, until the first guy took Sarge down and left him laying back there. Next morning the guy that beat Sarge down was in the commander's office discussing court martial proceedings for "attacking" Sarge. The court martial never happened but this guy did end up performing extra duty and being restricted to barracks, workplace, chow hall, & church for a month. No one ever challenged Sarge again. Like it or not, if a police officer takes home his car (all do in my area unless they are probationary officers) you are a cop 24/7. The cars used say "24 Hour Car" but the officers got the union to remove it during the next contract talks.

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Perhaps someone older than me remembers this, for all who believe their guy is "innocent" In the 1977s a bill was crafted in such a way that if a lawmaker voted against it, the Congress still got their far above average "cost of living" raise for "serving" in Congress, meanwhile told the masses back home "I voted against that huge raise..." of course the bill was "defeated" soundly and Congress got their raise. As an aside, look at your own guy/gal, there's a good chance they were serving then, that was about 37 years ago.

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by weweedmaniii (#47726177) Attached to: Comcast Training Materials Leaked
I worked for 11 years as a line technician for a mid size cable company, during that time the field teams were trained in sales but never mentioned after training. I left that company and after a couple of years decided to go into customer service for Charter. their metrics are the same 20% of your call is attempting to upsell. Nowhere in the manual does it explain how to upsell to a user is screaming "You cut off my f*ck!ng Monday Night Football" or "I want my f*ck!ng porn g0dd@mn!t" After a few weeks and carrying a bottle of antacid tablets in my bag and several 80% scores on my metrics (conveniently the minimum passing is 85%) I decided to leave and go back into the IT field. Oh another jewel that most customers don't know....every call is recorded and probably half are reviewed every day, but you will never get your hands on that recording, intellectual property of Charter.

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If Israel disarmed unilaterally, every country you mentioned would turn like a pack of dogs and attack. None of those countries gives two figs about the US. They know they their dictator du jour will still get his money from the US while the US ambassador is saying "Don't go kill the Israelis they are nice disarmed folks." The UN would pass 7 resolutions condemning each country for attacking Israel but do absolutely nothing else. Iran would pump even more arms and cash into the Islamist groups as they crawled over the borders, plus would provide air support of a sort since the IDF air force would no longer kick them out of the sky. Once every Israeli was dead, then they would turn on each other to decide who would win the land grab. At that point the entire Middle East would tell the EU, UN & US to sod off and proceed with whatever brand of religion they decide to inflict on the world through warfare and terrorism. By the way if you think I am full of the usual /. noise go find a refugee from that area and LISTEN to them. I have listened to several Christians who have fled from Gaza & Israel plus Palastine, they will tell you nearly word for word what I just wrote.

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On the flip side, how many hours were wasted the could have been put to better use? Studying Maths or computers or foreign languages or Music or Science or Drama, or even spent at football or wrestling practice? How many trebuchets were not built because the teen-agers were busy playing games? How many young men were not Eagle Scouts? How many snow forts or tree houses were left empty, or even not built in the first place? Well I was introduced to D&D on a service weekend for Order of the Arrow ( a scoutmaster was our DM and the guy who help me roll up my dwarf was an Eagle Scout. A few years later I was also awarded my Eagle Scout. We all were leaders in their troops, schools, churches, & communities. Your stereotype of pasty-faced boys who never ventured outside is flat 1979

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I work for a monitoring team. We are 24/7 and I can guarantee you from experience this is a terrible idea. The first time the servers drop out of the monitoring suppression and suddenly a half dozen alarms are going off because your automated server program decided to drag down a series of other servers, or kill the switches at the office I get to call you at 4AM you are going to wonder why you didn't just catch a nap and go back in. Anytime we get an e-mail from a "Senior Sever Manager" stating that "a change will be made this weekend at 2AM but will not affect system uptime," we note in in our shift logs because as sure as we are sitting there Murphy will creep up and jump on that managers back and chew until someone can beat him off. Usually to minimize the damage to our team, we will politely e-mail that manager and ask exactly what systems and what times will this happen as a warning that we really do not want to have to go through the late night procedures to alert someone. Most managers who have experience will actually send us a separate e-mail saying "server XYZ123 will be down from 1AM to 3AM, if we get it up sooner we will call to verify it is up on your end." We monitor 10 different companies of all sizes from a single server room to worldwide systems, and Murphy is a board member for every one and always gets a vote.

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you dont understand.. in the US, this is how most of the smaller towns get their money. they pay a single patrol car to sit on their section of highway all day and pull people over for speeding. a speeding ticket in the us is up to 300$ in some places. noone ever gets pulled over for speeding in large cities because it is a waste of time. the whole speeding ticket system is a scam that has absolutely nothing to do with safety.(at least on highways).

Not sure (or care) what "large city" you live in where no one gets a ticket. I live in the largest city in my state which is in the top 30 populous cities in the nation. Our police force has several officers in modified sports cars whose only job is to write tickets, almost exclusively on the interstate system. These guys are so infamous that the local paper did a Sunday feature on the top ticket writer, after he pulled over a local DJ for speeding and the DJ told everyone the officer acted like an arrogant jerk while writing the ticket. The police officer filed suit against the DJ and it was never heard in court. The officer bragged about the number of tickets he wrote in a year which was well above 1000. He also admitted he let his "brothers in blue" get a pass as they were driving 20+ MPH over the limit on the same interstates, according to the speed gun the reporter rented for the story. The fines start at $50 plus court costs so do the math. So that tinted out Dodge Charger or IROC Camaro might be one of our officers about to turn on all the hidden lights.

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I'm kinda glad I am NOT living in your country. Laws here specifically state that he must not.

I still change the lock as one of the first actions when I move into a new apartment.

Don't know where "your country" is, but in the US I used to manage an apartment building. Lease stated if you change the lock the management gets a key. No key = breach of lease and grounds for eviction, specifically stated in lease. Also except for emergencies management must provide minimum 48 hours notice to enter apartment. No 48 hours = no entry, specifically stated in lease as well. It cuts both ways in my state. We changed locks as a matter of course after a move out.

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A professional American football team used to hold a "golf day" at a country club, mostly for fans to watch. Consistently the kickers would win the longest drive competition each year, but were among the worst players as far as scoring. The reason they won the longest drive was the same reason they were kickers, repeating the same motion over and over with accuracy. That said it proves the your point, as the quarterbacks do the same thing more or less only they do it with their arms.

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At least it is being manufactured in the USA man.

A good number of automobiles are. (Either that or in (Ontario) Canada.)

When did Ontario Canada become part of the USA? I believe the Provincial Legislature & Canadian Parliament plus the 300,000 residents around Windsor would take a great deal of exception to that.

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My fiancee has a hard copy with all my passwords, PINs & usernames in a strongbox in a sealed envelope. I have hers in the same in my strongbox. If anything happens to either of us, the other one can move forward with anything that might be password protected. Yes we update regularly since passwords change (or they should). Why couldn't Mum write it down somewhere? I have a friend from high school who died a few years ago. His widow modified his FB page to be the page for the scholarship foundation created in his honor. She had the pw and posted that she was going to change the page.

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It has been a few (20+) years since I worked at Radio Shack, but I think CompUSA was owned by Tandy Corp. And yes the 2 Franchise Stores were consistently the top 2 performers in our district. Why you ask? Because they paid their employees hourly not commission (by law we had to make minimum wage) and both owners we old techies who personally trained the staff on electronics when they started. I walked into one looking for something and was no where near the store I worked in. I was totally blown away by the knowledge & service I received. When my manager was transferred and the new manager would ask daily how many service plans I had sold, I knew it was time to find another place to work for minimum wage.

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I really needed all of the above, although since I am an avid reader most military fiction I treat as fast food for my brain, I don't really have to think or retain while reading and simply fills a need to read. As a former soldier anything set within the past 30 years I usually find the authors lack of knowledge fairly quickly, especially when writing about my country's own military exploits, for good or bad. These small paperbacks were light & fit in a cargo pocket to pull out when there was some down time.

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South Korea. They have sunk a South Korean destroyer 46 sailors were killed & shelled a South Korean island 2 civilians & 2 ROK marines killed. The Korean People's Army crosses the DMZ on a nearly daily basis trying to goad the Republic of Korea Army into a firefight big enough to make the headlines. Usually only one or two a year are that big but firefights across the border are a nightly occurrence. Ask any US Army soldier to actually served in Area I.

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