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Comment: Odd study (Score 1) 825 825

by wew (#22910940) Attached to: Study Shows Males Commonly Mistake Sexual Intent
I read through the study, and their methodology seems decidedly
odd. They collected photos of women, then asked men and other
women to rate them as conveying "sadness", "friendliness",
"sexual interest", or "rejection". However, as far as I can
tell, the "ground truth" here is what the women whose photos
were taken were asked, in a laboratory (i.e. non-social)
environment, to convey. So, the study could simply be finding
that women are better at picking up what emotions other women
are articially aping than men are, not that they're actually
better at detecting real sexual interest in a social (dating,
courting) environment.

+ - for Mac OS X Released!->

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An anonymous reader writes: Nearly 6 years after announcing a Mac port, has released the first release of for Mac OS X that can finally run without X11!! An alpha is available for download today, but a lot of help is still needed to make available for Mac OS X. Visit the Mac team to figure out how you can help today!
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