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by weszz (#47415821) Attached to: Physicists Spot Potential Source of 'Oh-My-God' Particles

For the Dr Who it was this one

The probe is intercepted by a giant spaceship heading for Earth. When the broadcast is shown, an alien face appears and identifies itself as being a Sycorax. The alien demands Earth's surrender and causes a third of the world's population to go into a hypnotic state. The Sycorax threaten to make these people commit suicide unless they are given half of the world's population as slaves. One of the scientists discovers that all of the hypnotised people share the same blood type (A-positive), the same as contained in a sample on Guinevere One.

They used blood control to control people.

On the Ansible you are probably right.

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Couple books/shows come to mind...

Ender's Game using the ansible for instant communication across great distances (the idea that half of it is in one place, the other half somewhere else) and didn't they do that for very short distances already? like a few feet or so?

but also Dr Who comes to mind... depending on what we send out, can they control us with it?

Could it be a very weak attack?

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sure it would... the salary of the people doing the work to move money around and account for it.

A few months ago I put a request into the company I work for asking for a $20 piece of software (against policy to buy it and install it myself, gotta go through the process...)

Looking at the process, it would have cost thousands in employee time to document, review and approve the purchase of the $20 piece of software at all the different levels of management involved in it. it's insanely wasteful.

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by weszz (#47334853) Attached to: New Chemical Process Could Make Ammonia a Practical Car Fuel

numbers were way off.. but still 5 more cars per minute is impressive.

4 way stop average number of cars through in 15 minutes was 385.
Roundabout average number of cars through in 15 minutes was 460.
Improvement of about 20%.

If you don't care to watch the video they set up a 4 way stop course and then a roundabout course. They used a bunch of drivers and did two 15 minute tests of each course counting the number of cars that got through and averaged them. The roundabout was a 20 percent improvement over the 4 way stop. And even though they let the drivers practice a bit on the roundabout before the tests they were American drivers that for the most part don't have the day to day experience that European drivers do with roundabouts so I am thinking the efficiency of the roundabout is even greater.


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Myth Busters took this on for a very congested test (also very controlled)

They got somewhere around 180 cars through a traditional 4 way stop, and over 300 through the same space as a roundabout. I was floored it was that great of a difference, they said because at any given time there were multiple cars in the roundabout doing their own thing. (may be off on the numbers, but the roundabout was unbelievably better in their test)

Granted the layout of the roundabout matters a TON, and most I have seen around here are cram a roundabout in a tiny space so you don't REALLY know if the car to your left is leaving the roundabout or continuing...

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Healthcare IT is also rough, we have some government mandated things saying you MUST use IE8, others that the same people use are now saying you must have 9 or 10, and I think there is still a handful that need 7.

The only option for many of these people is either versions in Citrix (MS approved way) or ThinApp, which works great, but MS doesn't like it.

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by weszz (#47156701) Attached to: Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage

Wisconsin and Illinois did this with state taxes...

Illinois was then voted worst place to live by it's residents (1 out of 4 said this)

Wisconsin ended middle of the pack I think around 40-50% saying it is the best place to live (may be off on the numbers)

Wisconsin saw job growth and lower taxes, Illinois saw jobs leave, higher taxes, pension scandals etc...

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So out of curiosity... any idea on the speeds this gives? I make too much to qualify myself, but as a foster parent we regularly have kids in the house we take care of that would qualify... We take advantage of some things the WIC checks offer like discounted museum memberships, since the food checks don't even come close to covering what kids eat.

If it is a decent speed this would be interesting to me.

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by weszz (#47049763) Attached to: Driverless Cars Could Cripple Law Enforcement Budgets

This also assumes all cars go automatic...

Collector cars aren't going to be going away, many people won't be able to afford these new fancy cars, many people will do what they can to break the auto part for whatever paranoid belief they feel like, or just the idea of not being in control.

What about the auto insurance industry? all those people will be hurting if there aren't as many accidents for people to carry insurance for.

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The normal problem here comes as you take your car across borders, are you paying the per mile to your home state, the state you drove in or the state your vehicle is registered in? When I lived in Washington, my vehicle was still registered in Wisconsin the whole time till I moved back. Who would get those tax dollars? What about trips to Canada or Mexico? You are taxed on something that didn't happen in your country?

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not like there is some sort of security force there that could... protect the integrity of the planes, the airfield and to make sure people shouldn't get where they shouldn't be...

Maybe they could come up with something... call them I don't know Transportation Security?

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