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not like there is some sort of security force there that could... protect the integrity of the planes, the airfield and to make sure people shouldn't get where they shouldn't be...

Maybe they could come up with something... call them I don't know Transportation Security?

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by weszz (#44657287) Attached to: How Companies Are Preparing For the IT Workforce Exodus

We had one of those a number of years back... 10 years as a computer operator and MCSE.

For every 4 hours of work we could get out of him, it took someone 8 hours to write up what to do and how to do it. The guy struggled with cut and paste. He did braindumps and passed exams, then lost all information within a week.

(10 years as a computer operator, typing in information, never leaving the one program he was supposed to work in)

Comment: Re:Oh, look! Just what the economy needs! (Score 1) 600

by weszz (#44181067) Attached to: Obamacare Employer Mandate Delayed Until After Congressional Elections

we get hammered on this... our cost is higher then the price medicare pays... and we are the biggest provider for medicare patients in the state, because we will not turn people away that are on medicare like many other systems in the area that just won't take the people because for instance, for a small practice , they can only see so many medicare people, or they can't cover their own costs.

you pay more for them to stay afloat.

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by weszz (#43814297) Attached to: Xbox One Used Game Policy Leaks: Publishers Get a Cut of Sale

The last few times I bought a new game it was one I wanted pre-release, so I went to Best Buy, traded in all the games I don't play anymore and put that to a pre-order, which gave additional credit for doing a tradein to put money down on a prerelease, so it made the new game practically free for me after giving up the old games. then each time I do this, the money I put up gets a bit more because now I trade in one game to get one game... I play the crap out of that game to get the cost per hour well below $1 an hour (really cheap entertainment) and move on. if you take the first month you have a game, and play it one hour a month every day, it comes down to $2 an hour quickly. A good game should be multiple months, so it gets cheap for the consumer that way.

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by weszz (#42661437) Attached to: MS Won't Release Study Disputing Munich's Linux-Switch Savings

We got our MS licensing costs cut quite a bit last go round...

Then we found out the dropped Software Assurance on the desktop, cut support hours, dropped a bunch of software SAs and a bunch of other moves that saved a ton of money, but made everything much harder and pushed off the Windows 7 migration...

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by weszz (#42649911) Attached to: When Was the Last Time You Used a Landline Phone?

Trying out MagicJack, pretty hopeful at the moment, could drop Uverse phone and pay $40 a year... my contract just came up and right now it's $40 a month...

We are keeping the home phone just because of the kids. I'm not about to buy a 2 and 3 year olds phones, and with another on the way I want to make sure the phone is there without having to remember where you put your cell or if it is charged up or not... this should do that for us at a much cheaper rate. (we hope)

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by weszz (#42591395) Attached to: Health Care Providers Failing To Adopt e-Records, Says RAND

Plus you switch to one of these systems, too many try to move the paper workflow straight into the PC and force it to work...

People work differently on paper than on a PC, so it should be a different flow, hopefully a better flow.

There are a ton of benefits, but yea, it's pricey. And when you have the internal staff, the person paying the doctor is paying for a large amount of things... you have to pay the office workers, the cleaning people, the building costs, the administrative offices, data center, all the engineers, HR, the office supplies... there are a TON that you never see that is absolutely required to run things decently, and they have to get paid from somewhere...

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by weszz (#42591287) Attached to: Health Care Providers Failing To Adopt e-Records, Says RAND

There are some systems in place for this, we are in the middle of implementing a system called Epic, which does have a portal you can log on and look at your records.

My hope is we move completely away from McKesson, which doesn't offer anything near this, at least on a hospital system, level, they will with a new product on a hospital level, which makes for a bad setup if your system is 8-10 hospitals and a ton of clinics...

but yes, then you get free access, but not on paper.

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