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Comment Re:You shouldn't have to pay to adopt a kid (Score 5, Interesting) 294 294

This is how I read it as well... I am adopting a daughter next week friday from foster care for something like $53 total, so was thinking of paying cash... (the $53 is court costs, birth certificate etc...)

Was wondering if they went to a bartering scheme... I will give you 2 dogs for that child.

Comment Re:OMG.. Aviria, is GREAT!!!!!! (Score 1) 64 64

I couldn't take the badgering to upgrade from free... If it worked well and I liked it I may have, but it was just a frustrating, annoying experience to constantly have it tell me why I should give them money.

If I did, then the next step would be to buy the next level up, because you might be unprotected against something else...

I've moved onto another one that doesn't badger me, so I am close to giving them money instead.

Comment Re:I'm sure no one will misconstrue this at all... (Score 2) 101 101

This was my thoughts as well...

So you have a higher probability of getting this disease due to genes that we don't really understand yet... well the policy that covers that is more expensive or we refuse to cover you.

How bout we sell you a policy that just covers what you are predisposed for to save some money? Sorry, broken legs are not included in your policy...

Comment Re:HHS Asleep At The Switch (Score 1) 184 184

Idiocracy in action. It's scary how much reality is coming into focus from that movie. It's worth watching again soon and crying about the direction we are all headed...

"Put this one in your mouth and this one in your an*s"

*guy puts one in mouth*

"No wait, put this one in your mouth and this one in your an*s"

Comment Re:HHS Asleep At The Switch (Score 1) 184 184

Which leader? McKesson, Epic, or Meditech? (I know there are others) but from my view of the world, it looks like Epic is taking over in the past 5-10 years.

Epic does have a crapton of clicks for staff to go through, but McKesson is just outrightly terrible, buying up programs and then trying to mash them together... These two applications must be on the same computer. App A needs Java 1.4 and ONLY Java 1.4 on the PC. App B needs 1.6 and ONLY 1.6 on the PC, Go make that work out. (there are solutions like ThinApp, but it isn't pretty)

Comment Re:Usability metrics, anyone? (Score 2) 184 184

A big problem is most of these tried to duplicate the paper form that healthcare is used to.

Computer forms shouldn't mimic paper as the workflow changes by just putting it on a computer... Add to this some crappy other things, like a McKesson program that doesn't show you all the information if the monitor's resolution is under x900... it just cuts it off and doesn't bother to tell you that you can't see everything. Was a very happy day when that was discovered... replacing thousands and thousands of monitors with higher resolution ones because 1024x768 could cause huge problems.

Comment Re:Holy Fuck (Score 3, Insightful) 304 304

When I read this... My first thought was he is planning to use this to tax everyone based on healthcare... Which isn't a tax unless you talk to the Supreme Court, then and only then it is a tax for not having health care that the IRS watches... (so it is constitutional)

So if you aren't doing your part for environmentalism, will the IRS tax you on that as a healthcare risk someday?

Sounds crazy I know, but just crazy enough for someone to try.

Comment Re:Okay - stop... just fucking stop. (Score 2) 136 136

This is what I was thinking... Nerd Herd, Geek Squad... who would want that title for a job?

I never needed a geek card or a man card or anything like that, cuz I determine who I am. No one else gets to bestow or take things away from me, just like no body puts baby in the corner.

Comment Re:2 weeks notice? Fuggedabouit (Score 1) 279 279

In my job they expect 4 weeks notice for IS.

Gives plenty of time to transfer responsibilities. The guy I took over for spent 2 weeks going over everything he did (so I could add most of it to what I do as well...)

Then hung around for 2 weeks more doing documentation and taking laps to talk to people. He planned on a year of do whatever time, which from what I hear has turned into 4 years of it...and a pissed off wife.

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