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Comment Title Could Have Been (Score 1) 153

"Scientists Invent New Way for Humanity to Destroy Itself" A few possibilities that come to mind are: - Using the vaccine against someone someone doesn't like. Arabs, Palestinians, blacks, Hindus, Israelis, White men in golf shirts. - Adding it other vaccines - only in certain selected areas of course. - Inadvertent contamination, intentional or not - genetic modification to include into food, etc. - release of the carrier virus into the wild using a common vector - Work begins immediately on an oral form

Submission + - SPAM: Easiest way to get a bogus law degree

westcountyboy writes: For various reasons, all legal, I want a cheap bogus law degree from a completely disreputable source. I want to pay as little as possible, maybe take a test and get a degree. I do not want to pass the bar, practice law or use this for any economic benefit. Any suggestions???

Comment innovation - are you crazy ? (Score 1) 161

Why would anyone think that schools were trying to develop innovators ? Why would anyone think more than a very few can innovate anything or even know what innovation is or that any innovators go anywhere near a school ? If everyone was an innovator who is going to pick up the garbage anyway ? Schools just train as many cogs for the big machine as possible and babysit the rest.

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