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Comment: I'm a very satisfied Eris owner (Score 1) 274 274

by wernox1987 (#32873064) Attached to: The Verizon Wireless HTC Eris 'Silent Call Bug'
I've had my Eris since March and have been very satisfied with it. As a pda, it does everything I ask it to and more, its only when you start using it as a phone that you bump into issues. The dialer is very laggy and I think the "silent call" issue is as much related to those problems as the 2.1 update. Personally, I think a number of Eris users, me included, installed leaked versions of the 2.1 update prior to the official OTA. The leaks updated HBOOT on the phone to a version that wasn't rootable under any known exploits. However, a phone updated to 2.1 by the OTA stayed at HBOOT 1.47 and was still rootable. People seeking root were claiming they were suffering from the "silent call" bug to get a 1.6 device that they could then root and update via OTA. Leakers regret.

Comment: Who needs a mod chip (Score 1) 116 116

by wernox1987 (#32191524) Attached to: New Hardware Models Highlight Nintendo's No-Transfer Policy
With bannerbomb it can be done using just software, it takes just a few minutes. The DS has the same problem, a $12 flash card will allow you to play pretty much any game ever produced. Nintendo's got two problems, their stuff is retardedly easy to pirate, and there is so much shovelware out that people are almost conditioned to try a game before they buy it.

Comment: Just for once! (Score 1) 248 248

by wernox1987 (#30830552) Attached to: Genre Wars — the Downside of the RPG Takeover
Can be stop complaining about the dedicated server thing? Honestly, I think IW just wanted to make a console game and didn't want to put the effort into a PC release. Plain and simple, no conspiracy. Inspite of the issues with glitching, I've had a great deal of fun playing MW2 on my 360 as I'm sure PS3 owners have as well.

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