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Comment: Re:Let's just get over this and move to 64bit (Score 1) 756

by werelnon (#29194007) Attached to: Behind the 4GB Memory Limit In 32-Bit Windows
I'm with you! As soon as you get on the phone with Logitech and get them to write new 64bit drivers for the Logitech Force joystick and wheel. They've stated that these older peripherals are never going to get 64bit drivers so I, and any one else who has perfectly good 5+ year old devices, will have to throw them away and buy new (probably inferior) devices to go with my 64bit Windows. Pretty expensive upgrade.
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+ - everydns.net down taking 1000s of sites with it

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werelnon writes "Today at around 5PM PST everydns.net nameservers and the main website went down. ns1.everydns.net seems to be responding to some lookups, but mostly timesout. everydns.net the web interface is completely down. Maybe this is a repeat of the DDOS attack that took them down back in 2006? I'm hard pressed to find any news about this online at the moment."

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