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Comment Re:Meh (Score 2) 95 95

<quote><p>On another tack, a company has just come out with a machine that you can put your old water bottles and other plastic bits into, and it will melt them down and turn them into the 'wire' that goes into another company's 3D printer, so you can make your own widgets and toys.</p></quote>

Putting this together with the story about the oceans dying [], perhaps we could build harvester/mining ships that could trawl the oceans for plastic flotsam/garbage and turn them into 3D printer "ink". Its hard to get people to clean up after themselves, but if there was money in it, people would go after this and it might actually help clean up some of our mess.

Comment Re:Shocking (Score 1) 267 267

It'd be curious to know how much dirt it has on Pres. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, The Boehner and other members of Congressional intelligence oversight committees, and how much it's shared with them.

It's MOSSAD that has the dirt on them and them by the balls, not the NSA. :-)


Submission + - Solar-powered cellphones

Roland Piquepaille writes: "In "Self-powered displays keep gadgets alive," New Scientist describes two new patents granted to Nokia and Motorola which plan to improve the batteries of our favorite handhelds. While Nokia wants to develop self-powered billboards, Motorola is building a liquid crystal display (LCD) that incorporates a solar panel behind the screen of a phone. Other companies have tried to put solar cells behind phones' screens without success. Motorola says its approach is different because this new LCD will act both as a display and a light collecting device for the solar cell. No date is given about the availability of such a solar-powered phone. Read more for additional details and tips on how to find a full version of a patent."

Submission + - American government - How can we fix it?

Justin B. writes: "Every time American politics comes up, people have a general consensus. That we are in a downward spiral. Yet when I hear people talk, all they seem to do is complain about this, instead of taking actions to prevent the fall. We complain about the government, but when broken down, they represent us. If we don't care to fix our country, why would they? What I'm asking for is what can we do to kick this to the curb and return America to the ideals it once possessed? Instead of complaining about these problems, could we work towards organizing an on-line forum or wiki-government to identify the problems in this country and the steps we can take to fix them?

I'm asking this question because I don't have the skills to do this yet, but I'm willing to help. I think the slashdot community is smart enough to be able to realize that we can work towards a positive goal and possibly have a positive impact."
Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - How my Princess Leia Fantasy was Destroyed (pics)

cooltopten writes: "As soon as I saw princess Leia in star wars , she became my object of fantasy for many years, I,m sure the same went for alot of teenage boy star wars fans out there.So I just couldn't wait to get my very own princess Leia star wars figure , I saved hard and finally the day come when I got my very own princess Leia , on closer inspection when I got her home I was confronted by this...Bang went my Fantasy. CHECK PICS HERE:-"

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